2007 RECongress Speakers/Topics Listing

Religious Education Congress
March 1, 2007 (Youth Day)
March 2 - 4, 2007

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Asterisks indicate taped workshops. “Key” indicates a Saturday Keynote or Sunday Address. Sessions are designated by two numbers separated by a dash. The first number indicates the period; the two-digit number after the dash is the workshop number. Workshop numbers -01 to -30 are in English (ENG); -50 to -58 are in Spanish (SP); -70 is in Vietnamese (VIET); - 75 is in Korean (KOR); -80 is in Tagalog (TAG). The topic category has been identified by the Office of Religious Education. Speaker-identified categories are Speaker Categories (PDF, 1 page, 88k). 

Speaker Session Topic Language
Boadt, Rev. Lawrence 1-01* Scripture ENG
Brennan, Rev. Patrick 1-02* Leadership ENG
Burns, Dr. Jim 1-03* Family ENG
Chesto, Dr. Kathleen 1-04 Parenting ENG
Downey, Dr. Michael J. 1-05* Youth Ministry ENG
Fabing, Rev. Bob 1-06 Liturgy/Music ENG
Florian, Amy 1-07 Liturgy/Music ENG
Gaillardetz, Dr. Richard 1-08* Ecclesiology ENG
Gilbert Rt. Rev. Richard 1-09* Life Issues ENG
Hart, Mark 1-10* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Haugen, Marty 1-11 Liturgy/Music ENG
Hershey, Rev. Terry 1-12* Spirituality ENG
Huebsch, Bill 1-13* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Kempf Rev. Joe 1-14* Sacraments ENG
Kicanas, Bishop Gerald 1-15* Ecclesiology ENG
Krout, Keri 1-16* Early Childhood ENG
Leonard, Rev. Richard 1-17 Media ENG
Malone, Bishop Richard 1-18* Adult Catechesis ENG
McKenna Dr. Megan 1-19* Spirituality ENG
Murray, Rev. J-Glenn 1-20* Liturgy/Music ENG
Paradise, Jo Ann 1-21* Junior High ENG
Patin, Mike 1-22* Youth Ministry ENG
Pavlik, Dr. Robert 1-23* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Rolheiser Rev. Ronald 1-24* Spirituality ENG
Rupp, Joyce 1-25* Spirituality ENG
Smith-Christopher, Dr. Daniel 1-26* Scripture ENG
Bañuelas, Msgr. Arturo 1-51* Leadership SP
Bravo Perez, Benjamin 1-52* Liturgy/Music SP
Carrillo Velásquez Carlos 1-53* Young Adult Ministry SP
García-Mina, Ana 1-54* Elementary SP
Fernández, Santiago 1-55 Liturgy/Music SP
Rubalcava, Pedro 1-55 Liturgy/Music SP
Valenzuela, Victor 1-56* Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Phan Peter 1-70* Asian Pacific VIET
Allen Jr., John 2-01* Ecclesiology ENG
Ash, Laura 2-02* Liturgy/Music ENG
Beckman, Betsey 2-02* Liturgy/Music ENG
Reischman, Judith 2-02* Liturgy/Music ENG
Binz Stephen 2-03* Scripture ENG
Bondi, Reneé 2-04 Life Issues ENG
Carotta, Michael 2-05* Junior High ENG
Crosby, Michael 2-06* Peace/Justice ENG
Dell'Oro, Dr. Roberto 2-07* Morality ENG
Ellair Steven 2-08* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Ficocelli, Elizabeth 2-09* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Cooney, Rory 2-10 Liturgy/Music ENG
Daigle, Gary 2-10 Liturgy/Music ENG
Fragomeni Rev. Richard 2-10 Liturgy/Music ENG
Gallagher, Michael Paul 2-11* Spirituality ENG
Hailer, Sr. Gretchen 2-12* Media ENG
Pacatte, Sr. Rose 2-12* Media ENG
Kelly, Matthew 2-13* Spirituality ENG
Kicanas Bishop Gerald 2-14* Ecclesiology ENG
McCarty, Robert 2-15* Family ENG
McDonald, Sr. Margaret 2-16* Theology ENG
Meléndez-Colón, Juan Roberto 2-17* Detention Ministry ENG
Murray, Rev. J-Glenn 2-18* Liturgy/Music ENG
O'Donohue John 2-19 Spirituality ENG
Ondrla, Christine 2-20* Liturgy/Music ENG
Patin, Mike 2-21* Youth Ministry ENG
Saso, Patt 2-22* Parenting ENG
Saso, Steve 2-22* Parenting ENG
Stenzel Pam 2-23* Sexuality ENG
Tagle, Bishop Luis Antonio 2-25* Multicultural ENG
Weston, Rev. Thomas 2-26* Ecclesiology ENG
White, Ana Arista 2-27 Disabilities ENG
White Dr. Joseph 2-27 Disabilities ENG
Cortez, Jaime 2-51 Liturgy/Music ENG & SP
de la Parte París, Rev. Angel 2-52* Adult Catechesis SP
Flecha Andrés, Rev. José-Román 2-53* Morality SP
Ginel Vielva, Rev. Alvaro 2-54* Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Hayes-Bautista Dr. David 2-55* Life Issues SP
López, Laura 2-56* Adult Catechesis SP
Hoang, Bro. Linh 2-70* Vietnamese VIET
Anderle, Donna 3-01* Liturgy/Music ENG
Beaudoin, Dr. Tom 3-02 Young Adult Ministry ENG
Bird Nancy 3-03* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Clarke, Rev. Jim 3-04* Spirituality ENG
Dempsey, Carol 3-05* Scripture ENG
Gaillardetz, Dr. Richard 3-06* Ecclesiology/Marriage ENG
Gordon, Dr. Greer 3-07* Women's Issues ENG
Grant Joe 3-08* Confirmation ENG
Groome, Thomas 3-09* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Halsey-Hoover, Sharon 3-10* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Awaipo, Thomas 3-11 Peace/Justice ENG
Hastings, Joe 3-11* Peace/Justice ENG
Jansen Frank 3-12 Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Jansen, ValLimar 3-12 Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Kennett, Colette 3-13* Youth Ministry ENG
Malone, Bishop Richard 3-14* Adult Catechesis ENG
Manibusan, Jesse 3-15* Liturgy/Music ENG
Martin Rev. James 3-16* Spirituality ENG
McCarty, Maggie 3-17* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
McGrath, Bro. Michael O'Neill 3-18* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Mullen, Rev. Patrick 3-19* Scripture ENG
Breen, Dr. Elizabeth Crabb 3-20* Homosexuality/AIDS ENG
Ponnet Fr. Chris 3-20* Homosexuality/AIDS ENG
Rohr, Rev. Richard 3-21* Spirituality ENG
Sofield, Bro. Loughlan 3-22* Leadership ENG
Sullivan, Sr. Maureen 3-23* Theology ENG
Freeburg, Sr. Paule 3-24 Elementary ENG
Walker Christopher 3-24 Elementary ENG
Boyce, Joanne 3-25* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Stanley, Mike 3-25* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Wells, David 3-25* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Wenc, Char 3-26 Parenting ENG
Whyte David 3-27 Spirituality ENG
Finke, Rudolf 3-51* Sexuality SP
Groody, Rev. Daniel 3-52* Immigration ENG
López Gutiérrez, Siro 3-53* Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Noguez Alcantara, Rev. Armando 3-54* Scripture SP
Vázquez Allegue Jaime 3-55* Scripture SP
Yzaguirre, John 3-56* Marriage SP
Phong, Bro. Fortunat 3-70* Asian Pacific VIET
Ash, Laura 4-01 Liturgy/Music ENG
Beckman, Betsey 4-01* Spirituality ENG
Reichsman Judith 4-01* Spirituality ENG
Brennan, Rev. Patrick 4-02* Leadership ENG
Brown, Monica 4-03* Elementary ENG
Musgrave, Hilary 4-03* Elementary ENG
Cheri, Richard 4-04* Liturgy/Music ENG
Chesto Dr. Kathleen 4-05 Family ENG
Coloroso, Barbara 4-06 Family ENG
Cozzens, Rev. Donald 4-07* Priesthood ENG
Dempsey, Carol 4-08* Scripture ENG
Fragomeni, Rev. Richard 4-09* Liturgy/Music ENG
Groome Thomas 4-10* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Hahnenberg, Edward 4-11* Ecclesiology ENG
Hart, Mark 4-12* Youth Ministry ENG
Haugen, Marty 4-13 Liturgy/Music ENG
Hershey, Rev. Terry 4-14* Spirituality ENG
Joncas Rev. Michael 4-15 Theology ENG
Krout, Keri 4-16* Early Childhood ENG
Levo, Lynn 4-17 Sexuality ENG
Markham, Donna 4-18* Leadership ENG
Martin, Archbishop Diarmuid 4-19* Peace/Justice ENG
McMahon Bishop Malcolm 4-20* Ecumenism ENG
Mullen, Rev. Patrick 4-21* Scripture ENG
Osborne, Rev. Kenan 4-22* Sacraments ENG
Phan, Peter 4-23* Ecclesiology ENG
Rohr, Rev. Richard 4-24* Spirituality ENG
Shea John 4-25* Storytelling ENG
Sumner, Lizabeth 4-26* Life Issues ENG
Theisen, Michael 4-27* Youth Ministry ENG
Wicks, Dr. Robert 4-28 Spirituality ENG
Weston, Rev. Thomas 4-29* Ecclesiology ENG
Aguilera-Titus, Alejandro 4-51* Young Adult Ministry SP
Calderón Varona, Rev. Juan Luis 4-52* Theology SP
García-Mina, Ana 4-53* Family SP
Matovina, Timothy 4-54* Theology SP
Soto, Mons. Jaime 4-55* Young Adults/Sexuality SP
Tejerina-Arias Dr. Gonzalo 4-56* Theology SP
Vázquez Allegue, Jaime 4-57* Scripture SP
Ngo, Rev. Peter 4-70* Asian Pacific VIET
Tagle, Bishop Luis Antonio 4-80* Multicultural TAG
Allen Jr., John 5-01* Ecclesiology ENG
Bañuelas Msgr. Arturo 5-02* Leadership ENG
Boadt, Rev. Lawrence 5-03* Scripture ENG
Carotta, Michael 5-04* Youth Ministry ENG
Coloroso, Barbara 5-05 Family ENG
Cortez, Jaime 5-06 Liturgy/Music ENG & SP
Crosby Michael 5-07* Peace/Justice ENG
Ditewig, Dcn. William 5-08* Leadership ENG
Doran, Ken 5-09* Junior High ENG
Early Childhood Board, 5-10* Early Childhood ENG
Ferder, Fran 5-11* Psychology ENG
Heagle Rev. John 5-11* Psychology ENG
Filochowski, Julian 5-12* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Gallagher, Michael Paul 5-13* Spirituality ENG
Gateley, Edwina 5-14 Spirituality ENG
Haas, David 5-15 Liturgy/Music ENG
Hulburt Dorothy 5-16* Catechumenate ENG
Kempf, Rev. Joe 5-17* Sacraments ENG
Kendzia, Tom 5-18 Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Jansen, Frank 5-18 Liturgy/Music ENG
Jansen, ValLimar 5-18 Liturgy/Music ENG
Massingale Rev. Bryan 5-19* Morality ENG
McDonald, Sr. Peggy 5-20* Theology ENG
O'Donohue, John 5-21 Spirituality ENG
Saso, Patt 5-22* Parenting ENG
Saso, Steve 5-22* Parenting ENG
Scally Anna 5-23* Media ENG
Smollin, Sr. Anne Bryan 5-24* Spirituality ENG
Huggins, Jamie 5-25 Liturgy/Music ENG
VerEecke, Rev. Robert 5-25 Liturgy/Music ENG
Yzaguirre, Claire 5-26* Family ENG
Yzaguirre John 5-26* Family ENG
Zanzig, Tom 5-27* Adult Catechesis ENG
Bravo Perez, Benjamin 5-51* Sacraments SP
Carrillo Velásquez, Carlos 5-52* Young Adult Ministry SP
Covarrubias, Maria 5-53* Adult Catechesis SP
de la Parte París Rev. Angel 5-54* Adult Catechesis SP
Ginel Vielva, Rev. Alvaro 5-55* Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Levy, Rev. Eduardo 5-56* Elementary Catechesis SP
Rivera, Eduardo 5-57 Liturgy/Music SP
Rivera, Jorge 5-57 Liturgy/Music SP
Rodríguez Zambrana Rev. Domingo 5-58* Ecclesiology SP
Dao, Rev. Anthony 5-70* Asian Pacific Perspective VIET
Cho, Katherine 5-75* Korean Workshop KOR
Anderle, Donna 6-01* Liturgy/Music ENG
Farrell, Sr. Patricia 6-02 Spirituality ENG
Beaudoin Dr. Tom 6-02 Spirituality ENG
Martin, Rev. James 6-02 Spirituality ENG
Bird, Nancy 6-03* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Bowe, Barbara 6-04* Scripture ENG
Burland, John 6-05* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Cusick Rev. John 6-06* Young Adult Ministry ENG
Deignan, Kathleen 6-07* Spirituality ENG
Funk, Sr. Meg 6-07* Spirituality ENG
Galipeau, Dr. Jerry 6-08* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Groody, Rev. Daniel 6-09* Immigration ENG
Kelly Matthew 6-10* Sexuality ENG
Kennett, Colette 6-11* Youth Ministry ENG
Markham, Donna 6-12* Leadership ENG
Matovina, Timothy 6-13* Theology ENG
McKenna, Dr. Megan 6-14* Spirituality ENG
Paradise Jo Ann 6-15* Junior High ENG
Pavlik, Dr. Robert 6-16* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Prejean, Sr. Helen 6-17* Detention Ministry ENG
Raab, Rev. Ronald 6-18* Liturgy/Music ENG
Ricard, Rev. R. Tony 6-19* Spirituality ENG
Rolheiser Rev. Ronald 6-20* Spirituality ENG
Shea, John 6-21* Spirituality ENG
Sofield, Bro. Loughlan 6-22* Leadership ENG
Stenzel, Pam 6-23* Parenting ENG
Valenzuela, Victor 6-24* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Sullivan Sr. Maureen 6-25* Theology ENG
Walker, Christopher 6-26* Liturgy/Music ENG
Wallis, Jim 6-27* Peace/Justice ENG
Wenc, Char 6-28 Parenting ENG
Whyte, David 6-29 Spirituality ENG
Florian Dr. Lorenzo 6-51 Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Grzona, Ricardo 6-52* Spirituality SP
López Gutiérrez, Siro 6-53* Catechesis/Evangelization SP
Marins, José 6-54* Ecclesiology SP
Trevisan, Hna. Teolide Maria 6-54* Ecclesiology SP
Noguez Alcantara Rev. Armando 6-55* Scripture SP
Parra Sánchez, Abundio 6-56* Scripture SP
Precht Bañados, Rev. Cristian 6-57* Spirituality SP
Phong, Bro. Fortunat 6-70* Asian Pacific VIET
Bowe, Barbara 7-01* Scripture ENG
Burland John 7-02* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Cozzens, Rev. Donald 7-03* Leadership ENG
Cusick, Rev. John 7-04* Young Adult Ministry ENG
East, Rev. Ray 7-05* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Ellair, Steven 7-06* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Filochowski Julian 7-07* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Florian, Amy 7-08 Liturgy/Music ENG
Ford, Paul 7-09* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Deignan, Kathleen 7-10* Spirituality ENG
Funk, Sr. Meg 7-10* Spirituality ENG
Galipeau Dr. Jerry 7-11* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Gateley, Edwina 7-12 Theology ENG
Gilbert, Rt. Rev. Richard 7-13* Life Issues ENG
Haas, David 7-14 Liturgy/Music ENG
Joncas, Rev. Michael 7-15 Theology ENG
Knowles Jim 7-16* Youth Ministry ENG
Leonard, Rev. Richard 7-17 Media ENG
Martin, Archbishop Diarmuid 7-18* Peace/Justice ENG
Osborne, Rev. Kenan 7-19* Sacraments ENG
Quinlivan, Sr. Carol 7-20* Leadership ENG
Clarke Rev. Jim 7-20* Leadership ENG
Rupp, Joyce 7-21* Spirituality ENG
Boyce, Joanne 7-22* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Stanley, Mike 7-22* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Wells, David 7-22* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Wicks Dr. Robert 7-23 Spirituality ENG
Zanzig, Barbara 7-24* Disabilities ENG
Zanzig, Tom 7-24* Disabilities ENG
Aguilera-Titus, Alejandro 7-51* Young Adult Ministry SP
Dell'Oro, Dr. Roberto 7-52* Morality SP
Flecha Andrés Rev. José-Román 7-53* Adult Catechesis SP
Florian, Dr. Lorenzo 7-54 Elementary SP
Marins, José 7-55* Ecclesiology SP
Trevisan, Hna. Teolide Maria 7-55* Ecclesiology SP
Meléndez-Colón, Juan Roberto 7-56* Detention Ministry SP
Dinh Duc Dao Rev. Joseph 7-70* Vietnamese VIET
Binz, Stephen 8-01* Scripture ENG
Boyle, Rev. Gregory 8-02* Detention Ministry ENG
Brown, Monica 8-03* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Musgrave, Hilary 8-03* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Ditewig Dcn. William 8-04* Leadership ENG
Downey, Dr. Michael J. 8-05* Youth Ministry ENG
Ficocelli, Elizabeth 8-06* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Florian, D.J. 8-07* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Ferder, Fran 8-08* Sexuality ENG
Heagle Rev. John 8-08* Sexuality ENG
Gordon, Dr. Greer 8-09* Morality ENG
Hahnenberg, Edward 8-10* Young Adult Ministry ENG
Lawton, Liam 8-11 Liturgy/Music ENG
Levo, Lynn 8-12 Leadership ENG
Manibusan Jesse 8-13* Liturgy/Music ENG
Nagel, Leland 8-14* Catechesis ENG
Hyland, Maura 8-15* Elementary Catechesis ENG
O'Reilly, Brendan 8-15* Elementary Catechesis ENG
Ondrla, Christine 8-16* Liturgy/Music ENG
Piranio Josie 8-17* Catechesis/Evangelization ENG
Raab, Rev. Ronald 8-18* Catechumenate ENG
Smith-Christopher, Dr. Daniel 8-19* Scripture ENG
Smollin, Sr. Anne Bryan 8-20* Spirituality ENG
Mahon, Sean 8-21* Liturgy/Music ENG
Marquez Cesar 8-21* Liturgy/Music ENG
Vanacore, Vic 8-21* Liturgy/Music ENG
Theisen, Michael 8-22* Confirmation ENG
White, Ana Arista 8-23 Disabilities ENG
White, Dr. Joseph 8-23 Disabilities ENG
Calderón Varona Rev. Juan Luis 8-51* Theology SP
Levy, Rev. Eduardo 8-52* Elementary Catechesis SP
Parra Sánchez, Abundio 8-53* Scripture SP
Precht Bañados, Rev. Cristian 8-54* Spirituality SP
Rodríguez Zambrana, Rev. Domingo 8-55* Ecclesiology SP
Tejerina-Arias, Dr. Gonzalo 8-56* Ecumenism SP
Hoang, Bro. Linh 8-70* Vietnamese VIET
Massingale Rev. Bryan Key* Keynote ENG
Jim Wallis Key* Keynote ENG
Ricardo Grzona Key* Keynote SP

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