2013 RECongress Period 2

Religious Education Congress
Friday, February 22, 2013

1:00 - 2:30 pm



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1-01  Parish Life Director Track  

Bishop Gerald E. Wilkerson, Rev. Richard Vega,
Edward P. Hahnenberg, PhD and Jeffrey S. Siker

“Parish Life Director” or “PLD” – When you hear that term, do you wonder what it means? Join us on Friday, February 22 for a full day of workshops, discussions, networking and prayer as we look at this role of the PLD: lay women and men who are given the overall pastoral care of a parish in the absence of a priest pastor. They are an important part of the lay ecclesial ministers serving our Church today. A panel of presenters will inform us of the possibilities in this field and give those of us already serving, challenging input. (Please make sure to also select Sessions 1-01 and 3-01.)

2-02  Blocks, Dress-ups and Make Believe: The Power of Play in the Faith Formation of Young Children 

Play is powerful at all stages of development and learning, but is especially important in the faith formation of young children. Play provides opportunities to learn and practice new concepts and skills. Play inspires children to act out stories, and in turn, provides opportunities for children to make meaning of their world. In this session, participants will learn how to create a play-based faith formation program that helps young children come to understand the wonders of God’s love.

Dr. Shauna M. Adams

Dr. Shauna Adams is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood at the University of Dayton in Ohio, where she is also Executive Director of the Center for Early Learning. With a background as a special education teacher, she now presents at national education conventions, including the National Catholic Educational Association. Dr. Adams co-authored RCL Benziger’s early childhood and kindergarten programs titled “Stories of God’s Love.”

2-03  The Battle for Religious Freedom in the 21st Century 

The defense of religious freedom has unquestionably become the premier social and political concern of the Catholic Church in the 21st century. A rising tide of restrictions on religion is sweeping around the world, and Christians are often the primary victims of these threats in a growing number of global hotspots. Veteran journalist John Allen surveys the landscape and offers some ideas on what an effective Catholic response to this transcendent challenge might look like, from the Vatican’s role in geopolitics to the local parish.

John L. Allen, Jr.

John Allen is the Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and Senior Vatican Analyst for CNN. The internationally known speaker on Catholic affairs is author of six best-selling books, and he writes frequently on the Church for major national and international publications. Allen also writes a weekly Internet column called “All Things Catholic.” He divides his time between Rome and his home in Denver.

2-04  I Shall Live: Singing the Great Three Days

The entire Christian year flows out of and back to the three days of the Easter Triduum. This session will provide a musical and spiritual reflection through the liturgies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, drawing upon melodies and writings ever ancient and ever new. Find inspiration to Enter the Mystery of the great three days with deeper insight and greater understanding.

Tony Alonso

Tony Alonso’s contemporary liturgical music appears in compilations and hymnals throughout the world. He is a presenter at liturgy, music and theology conferences around the globe. Alonso’s latest publications include “I Shall Rise: Music for the Paschal Triduum” and “The Lyric Psalter: Revised Grail Lectionary Psalms” with Marty Haugen. The former Director of Music at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is currently a doctoral candidate focusing on liturgical and ritual studies in the Graduate Division of Religion at Emory University in Atlanta.

2-05  Job: The ‘NOW’ Testament 

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is life’s perennial question. Through music and storytelling, John Angotti and cast will share the life journey of Job, weaving together new insights and contemporary reflections on the mystery of suffering. This session concludes with a celebration of renewed faith and joy, even in the midst of sorrow.

John Angotti

Based in Memphis, Tenn., John Angotti is a full-time music missionary who travels around the world presenting concerts, workshops, retreats, missions, conferences and worship. With many appearances at all the  national youth conferences and two World Youth Days, he is a frequent presenter at regional and diocesan conferences in the United States and abroad. Angotti is an accomplished composer, with numerous CDs and music collections with World Library Publications. The completion of his rock-opera “Job: The NOW Testament” is his latest endeavor.

2-06  The Power of Prayer: TEN Ways to Pray with Children and Families 

Good prayer fosters and nourishes faith. This workshop will unpack great ideas, model various prayer formats, and celebrate Catholic symbols and rituals. You will come away with 10 practical suggestions that will engage children and their families, while encouraging them in their lifelong relationship with a loving God.

Nancy Bird

Nancy Bird has been involved in religious education for over 30 years as a catechist, parish catechetical leader and youth minister. She has been a featured speaker across the country, including invitations to the National Catholic Educational Association, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership and many other international and diocesan events. Presently, she serves as Division Manager for RCL Benziger Religion Publishing Company and resides in Tallmadge, Ohio.

2-07  Dancing the Mysterium Tremendum 

The story of creation invites us to imagine God’s tremendous act of artistry setting mystery into motion. Here’s a further invitation: Explore God’s creation in the artistry of your own being! Through the gift of James Weldon Johnson’s beloved poem, “The Creation,” come dance your way into mystery. Let your body lead you to discover stars and surprise, loneliness and longing, antelopes and aardvarks, and the intimate joy of your own birthing in the sweep of divine play.

Betsey Beckman, MM

Betsey Beckman is a liturgical movement artist, storyteller, spiritual director and retreat leader based in Seattle. With her extensive background in performance, movement therapy, ministry and InterPlay, she regularly appears as artist/presenter at national conventions and also directs movement ministry at St. Patrick, her home parish. Beckman’s recent releases include the book, “Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction” and “The Dancing Word” DVD series.

Laura Ash

Laura Ash is Music Director at St. Patrick Parish in Seattle, where she has supported the ministry of movement (with Betsey Beckman) for over 20 years. Laura and her husband, David, have composed and published three albums of liturgical music and have created music for numerous liturgical dance offerings, including “The Dancing Word” DVD series.

2-08  Songs of Scripture: Deepening Children’s Understanding of God’s Word

Looking for some creative and inspiring ideas for sharing Scripture with children? Using the gift of song, internationally renowned artist John Burland will share new music that brings both Old and New Testament Scripture alive for elementary children. These foundational Scriptures presented in a creative yet prayerful context tell the story of salvation history in song. Come ready to raise your voice as we celebrate God’s Word through age appropriate, easy-to-learn songs of Scripture!

John Burland

John Burland is an educator and composer of religious music for children and adults. He is the Project Officer-Liturgy/Music for the Catholic Education Office in Sydney, Australia, and a workshop presenter, composer and touring musician for Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division. Burland has worked as a classroom teacher, assistant principal and religious education coordinator for over 20 years in school and parish communities. He is a regular speaker at conventions and gatherings across Australia, New Zealand and North America.

2-09  Bullying: A Catholic Response for Educators 

This workshop will explore a practical overview of the highly complex bullying dynamic and a unique Catholic response to the problem. Frank DiLallo will introduce the first-ever Scripture- and evidenced-based curriculum for Catholic school educators. Learn how to create a compassionate formation program grounded in Scripture, ethics and theology, including well-researched bullying prevention theory. Steeped in Gospel guidelines, educators and parish leaders will be equipped with practical faith-based applications and skill sets for effective classroom implementation. Come learn about this new Christ-centered approach to eliminating bullying.

Frank A. DiLallo

Frank DiLallo is currently the Prevention/Intervention Schools Consultant for the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, which serves 78 Catholic schools – pre-K through 12th grade – in 19 counties. He conducts numerous educator trainings, assemblies for students and parents, with over 30 years’ experience in education and counseling. DiLallo is a frequent local, regional and national speaker on the topic of bullying prevention and has published the “Peace Be with You – Christ Centered Bullying Solution” and the “Peace2U – Three Phase Bullying Solution” materials.

2-10  Grow Your Church the E-way 

Is your parish having growing pains? Are you either growing too large or too small? Are you facing a merger, consolidation or acquisition? This workshop looks at the case study of a Washington, D.C. parish implementing Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s “Indicators of Vitality” for the New Evangelization. Bring your ideas and New Evangelization toolkit. Come ready to share as we celebrate the Year of Faith.

Rev. Msgr. Raymond G. East

The grandson of Baptist Missionaries to South Africa, Msgr. Ray East was born in Newark, N.J., and raised in San Diego. Ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., he served in six local parishes before being named Pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Church. Msgr. East is former Director of the Office of Black Catholics and Vicar for Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. He is a regular speaker at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and he continues to present workshops, facilitations and keynote addresses at major national events.

2-11  Sharing Faith as Parents of Youth 

How can we engage youth in faith conversations and prayer at home? A variety of research projects demonstrate that adolescence is a critical time for family faith sharing. This workshop will provide ideas and resources, parent to parent, to help families seize teachable moments, talkable moments and prayable moments during the adolescent years. This workshop is geared toward parents and would also be helpful for leaders in youth ministry.

Tom East

Tom East is Director of the Center for Ministry Development, based in Gig Harbor, Wash., and author of “Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry” among his numerous books. Previously, he served the Los Angeles Archdiocese as Director of Youth Ministry and Associate Director of Religious Education. East is a popular speaker at youth and religious education conferences nationwide, with several appearances at the L.A. Congress as well as conferences sponsored by the Center for Ministry Development.

2-12  Teaching Leadership Skills to ALL Students in a Catholic School 

With 14 years as an elementary school principal and 22 years teaching religious education in high school, Dan Friedt believes every Catholic school should be training each child to become leaders starting in kindergarten. In this dynamic, energy-filled presentation you will discover how effective, school-wide strategies will increase student learning, decrease negative student behavior and call students to a Catholic social justice mindset for life. Using “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “5 Stages of Social Justice,” Dan Friedt will demonstrate how every child in your school can become a “leader for a lifetime.”

Dan Friedt

Dan Friedt, an educator with over 30 years of teaching experience in Catholic schools, is currently Principal at St. Charles Elementary Catholic School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has taught at every grade level and has 14 years of administrative experience. As a liturgist and educator, he has presented liturgical workshops at many parishes throughout Alberta over the past 25 years.

2-13  Aging with Grace    (WORKSHOP CLOSED)

One of the most challenging and rewarding tasks of the catechist or parish minister in a local parish is to reach out and give spiritual nourishment to older parishioners. This session will offer suggestions on a wide range of ways to include seniors into the full life of the parish.

Sr. Gretchen Hailer, RSHM

Sr. Gretchen Hailer, a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, is a longtime adult catechist who gives workshops and retreats on topics of spirituality and ministry. As a consultant, she provides catechesis with and for senior parishioners. She has authored or co-authored five books. Sr. Hailer has served in a number of capacities in the Los Angeles Archdiocese and has been a National Catechetical Consultant for several publishers.

2-14  Why Bother Praying?

Many people think prayer is asking God to do something for someone somewhere. But it is the language of love between God and us. It’s never been harder to promote a lifetime of prayer. So in this workshop, we will use stories, Scripture, tradition and the contemporary context to reclaim the sanest and best of our Catholic heritage in a way that answers anyone who wonders why we would even bother in the first place.

Rev. Richard Leonard, SJ

Jesuit priest Fr. Richard Leonard is Director of the Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting, based in Melbourne, Australia. He has taught as a Visiting Professor at the Gregorian University in Rome; at the University of California, Los Angeles; and at both the University of Melbourne and the Jesuit Theological College in Australia. A popular speaker, Fr. Leonard offers workshops that stress the importance and relevance of the use of media in catechesis. His books include “Movies That Matter.”

2-15  Heralds of the Good News: Becoming the Best You Can Be 

Since the inception of Catholic schools, the ultimate goal has always been the faith formation of our students. Our role as Catholic school educators, in whatever way we carry out that role, is to “echo” the person of Jesus. Whether we teach math, science or history; whether we are the librarian, the football coach or the formal classroom religion teacher, we are all called to be Christ for one another and to be the messengers or heralds of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This presentation will examine the various qualities of a Catholic school educator and what it takes to accomplish our task.

Dr. Saundra Kennedy

After 15 years as a Catholic elementary, junior high and high school teacher, Dr. Saundra Kennedy became a representative for William H. Sadlier Publishing Company. She has presented keynotes at diocesan Catholic school events and numerous religious education conferences from Detroit to Miami. Dr. Kennedy now serves as Sadlier’s National Religion Consultant and has been a contributor and consultant for the production of many of Sadlier’s catechetical materials, including their Religious Education Series “We Believe” and their sacramental programs.

2-16  Sacramental Renewal in Light of the New Evangelization 

Sacraments are central to our experience of faith and church as Catholics. Many who knock on the doors of our churches are looking for a no-strings-attached experience of the sacraments. This leaves people being sacramentalized but not evangelized. How do we renew our approach to the sacraments so that they can be sources of grace and conversion? What could a renewed approach to the pastoral care of the sacraments look like? What are the imbalances in sacramental theology, theology of grace, and ecclesiology that we still must address in order to restore sacraments to their rightful place? What are we willing to do as leaders of the Church to bring about such a renewal?

Fr. James Mallon

Fr. James Mallon, a priest of the Archdiocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, currently serves as Pastor of St. Benedict Parish. He is founder and Director of the John Paul II Media Institute, which creates video resources for adult catechesis and evangelization. Fr. Mallon is creator of an eight-week video-based catechetical series entitled, “Catholicism 201,” that is currently used in 24 countries. His love for his dog inspired him to create the video-based theology course entitled “Dogmatic Theology,” which was released in 2011.

2-17  Tools for Evangelization and Transformation 

Teachers of religious education are called to be agents of evangelization – to form, inform, and transform the students they teach. This session focuses on three tools that support the process of meeting the person of Jesus who is revealed in the Gospel. The intersection of the Gospel and personal life experience leads to personal transformation. Session topics include: 1) classroom environment; 2) beads of transformation; and (3) Gospel ABCs. Participants will experience creative practices that cultivate a Gospel-character within students and teachers.

Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM

Dr. Patricia McCormack, a member of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is an international formation-education consultant and Director of the IHM Office of Formative Support for Parents and Teachers in Washington, D.C. Sr. McCormack’s experience in education includes both classroom and administration at the elementary, secondary and college levels. In addition to her numerous books and articles for children and parents, her ministry includes parent presentations, as well as workshops, retreats and days of in-service to the educational community.

2-18  An Armless Embrace of Hope

In this session, Tony Melendez shares how music, faith and a desire to achieve can help to overcome the toughest of times. With his God-given gift of toe-picking the guitar, Tony, along with his band of experienced musicians, The Toe Jam Band, shares his inspiring story of perseverance and faith. Since playing for Pope John Paul II during his trip to Los Angeles in 1987, Melendez has performed in 42 countries and all 50 states. Tony sings and shares from his heart. Together, you’ll laugh, cry, and pray. Come be embraced by an armless gift of hope!

Tony Melendez

Tony Melendez was born without arms as a result of his mother taking the prescription drug Thalidimide. The world-renowned armless guitarist was first brought to public attention during Pope John Paul II’s trip to Los Angeles in 1987. As a composer, singer, and speaker, Melendez has been in involved in ministry for over 25 years, sharing his music and story worldwide, presenting workshops and concerts in English and Spanish at churches, schools, corporations and international events. Melendez has recorded five albums and has won numerous awards.

2-19  Communication & the Catholic Church 

In his roles as the Communications Advisor to Cardinal Timothy Dolan and as Program Director for SiriusXM’s “Catholic Channel,” Fr. Jonathan Morris regularly comes face-to-face with the various challenges facing the contemporary Church. In this session, he will examine how best to communicate the Church’s messages and teachings to the faithful, even at times of confusion and crisis.

Fr. Jonathan Morris

Fr. Jonathan Morris is regularly called on by the national media to offer ethical and moral commentary on the news on national media outlets including FOX News, CNN, and the BBC. He is the Program Director for SiriusXM’s “Catholic Channel,” the Communications Advisor to New York’s archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and also serves as Parochial Vicar at the historic St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. Fr. Morris is author of “The Promise” and “God Wants You Happy.”

2-20  Daily Prayers, Daily Chores: Building and Maintaining an Everyday Faith 

How can we sustain our faith amid the challenges of everyday life? Daily chores can consume us, and it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we are God’s creatures. Mountaintop experiences may encourage us, but we live day by day. Fortunately, the church provides us a scaffolding on which we can build and maintain our faith: daily prayer and meditative reading based on the readings for Mass. All we need is a willingness to allow God’s Word to penetrate our weary hearts. We may not feel able, we may feel that we don’t even know how to pray, but can we trust in God’s ability to open our ears and hearts through Scripture?

Kathleen Norris

Teacher and lecturer Kathleen Norris has been a Benedictine Oblate of Assumption Abbey in North Dakota since 1987. She is author of several books and a freelance writer who serves as editorial consultant to The Christian Century and Image magazines and as an Editorial Advisor and contributor to Give Us This Day. Norris is a visiting writer/lecturer at institutions including Boston College and Boston University, among many others. A recipient of grants from the Bush Foundation and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, she divides her time between Honolulu and South Dakota..

2-21  Teaching Outside the Box: Faith Formation that Resembles Mass More than Class 

Faith formation is not the teaching of a subject. It is an encounter with a Living Person: Jesus Christ. In this workshop, Joe Paprocki will demonstrate how to prepare and execute faith formation sessions that go beyond reading from a textbook and instead create a climate of prayer in which participants cannot only know about Jesus Christ, but know him intimately. Teaching outside the box results in faith formation that resembles Mass more than class.

Joe Paprocki, DMin

Dr. Joe Paprocki has over 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry. He is currently the National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press, based in Chicago. He formerly served as a Consultant for Catechist Formation for the Chicago Archdiocese and as a parish pastoral associate and Director of Religious Education. Dr. Paprocki has presented in over 60 dioceses in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. He is author of numerous books on pastoral ministry and catechesis, and he serves as catechist ... and blogs about the experience.

2-22  Finding the Lions in the Rocks – Mentoring Young People 

The pace of teen life is frantic, and their souls suffer from the speed of life. They are soulful yet need adult guides who will help them navigate the culture today, while discovering deeper truths about themselves, their Catholic faith, and the Lord who companions them, as well.

Mike Patin

“Faith horticulturist” Mike Patin has worked in youth ministry since 1984, spending six years as a high school teacher and coach before working for the CYO/Youth Ministry Office for the Archdiocese of New Orleans. He has also been on the adjunct faculty at the Notre Dame School of Theology Seminary in New Orleans. Since 2003, Patin has been speaking full time to young people and adults. His latest book is “This Was Not in the Brochure: Lessons from Work, Ministry and Life.”

2-23  When You Weigh Your Worth, You’re Worth the Wait    (WORKSHOP CLOSED)

The sex talk: It’s one of the hardest discussions for parents and administrators to effectively communicate. The chasm between the church and pop culture has left today’s parents and teens without the dialogue necessary for understanding the spiritual nature of sexuality. With teens constantly bombarded with mixed messages from a variety of media sources and parents unable to keep up with pop culture trends, young people are left to fend for themselves without healthy role models. Join Anthony Preston as he discusses the real, relevant and relatable approach to the subject matter that demystifies the topic of human sexuality, articulates God’s plan for it, and encourages the value of waiting until marriage.

Anthony Preston

Anthony Preston is an actor, musician, motivational speaker and creator and Executive Producer of the ELEV8 Teen Integrity Program, a professional indie artist forum and 90-minute production encouraging teens to avoid risky behaviors and embrace their dreams. Preston has been a representative for hundreds of schools and institutions since 2001 and has worked with a host of secondary education programs and organizations, including The Right to Life League, Upward Bound, and Rachel’s Challenge.

2-24  Living Together in the 21st Century: What the Bible Can Teach Us About Mutual Respect and Christian Dialogue 

Our civil society and political discourse is sharply divided, and mutual respect is often absent. The same can be true of the Church when confrontation and polarizing language can characterize our conversations about difficult issues. Jesus, James and Paul all had something important to say about dealing with each other in mutual respect and in language worthy of our Christian calling. This workshop will reflect on some of these key texts and what we might learn from them about seeking communion within our Church today.

Fr. Donald Senior, CP

Fr. Donald Senior is President of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he is also a member of the faculty as Professor of New Testament. Born in Philadelphia, he is a member of the Passionist Congregation and was ordained a priest in 1967. Fr. Senior is a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout the United States and abroad, and serves on numerous boards and commissions. He was an editor on the “Catholic Study Bible” and has a four-volume series of studies on the Passion Narratives.

2-25  Between Sundays: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Living 

How can we engage the spiritual lives of adults between Sundays? How can pastors and pastoral leaders inspire faith beyond times of the gathered community? How can we reach those who need to hear the Good News by using innovative methods and emerging media called for in the New Evangelization? This session will present five spiritual practices grounded in the experience of the first disciples that form a sustainable method to strengthen the spiritual life of your community ... between Sundays.

Tom Tomaszek

Author, composer, educator, event designer and liturgical musician, Tom Tomaszek is a sought-after presenter for national and regional events and retreats. Currently, Tom and his wife, Katherine, direct The Five Loaves, a ministry and online resource. He previously served as Director of Artist Relations and Product Development for Oregon Catholic Press (2004-2012). With his experience in teaching, pastoral ministry and music publishing, Tomaszek has spoken and given workshops regionally and nationally on a breadth of topics.

2-26  The Secret to Teaching Adults 

Has this happened to you: You scheduled an adult formation series for Lent. During the first session, you gave a stellar presentation on the distinctions between sanctifying and actual grace. You used an animated Power­Point; you provided a handout. You even managed to inject a little humor. Then, at the end of your 45 minutes, you asked if there are any questions. And ... nothing. Crickets chirped quietly outside the classroom window. Did they understand what you were telling them? How do you know if you are having any impact at all on the faith lives of the participants? Adults have distinct learning needs and learning styles. When it comes to teaching adults, we have to switch gears.

Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner is co-founder and Director of the Catholic parishes online resource, Team­RCIA.com. He has more than 25 years’ experience as a leader and trainer at national, diocesan and parish liturgical and catechetical training events, and serving as a diocesan director of worship and a parish liturgist. Wagner is an active team member with the North American Forum on the Catechumenate and is author of many publications. His latest is entitled “The Heart of Faith: A Field Guide for Catechumens and Candidates.”

2-27  Music to Help Children Speak with God 

Music can help children express their feelings for God and also help them develop their relationship and encounters with God. Come and share music for being on one’s own, to music in the home, the classroom and in Church.

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker is an internationally known church composer, speaker and choral conductor. He formerly served as Director of Music at the Cathedral in the Diocese of Clifton, England, for 18 years and is presently Director of Music at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles. Walker is a conductor of choirs and orchestras in England and the United States, and travels around the globe giving workshops and lectures on church music and liturgy. His music is sung in churches worldwide.

2-28  What the Tech? Enter the Mysterious World of Cybercrime! 

In this current age of exploding and ever-changing technology, children are tech-savvy and can go anywhere online with anyone, anywhere. It is incumbent upon us to be up to date with what’s new in cyberspace and how to detect issues and protect children from harm. This workshop covers Internet predators and the grooming process, cyber bullying, geotagging, digital reputation issues and smartphone technology. The workshop will cover up-to-date information on technology-facilitated crimes against children along with practical prevention techniques. This is a practical and comprehensive interactive workshop for parents, educators and anyone who works with children.

Tracy Webb

Tracy Webb is a Senior Trial Attorney in charge of the Cyber Crime and Child Abuse Prosecution Division of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. Much of her career has been spent prosecuting physical, sexual, exploitation and technologically facilitated crimes against children. Webb is also on the Federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and co-chair of the L.A. County Cyber Crime Task Force. She is a frequent speaker locally and nationally and an Emmy-award winning producer of a documentary film on gang violence.

2-29  Pure and Simple: The Art of Creating a Beautiful Mind

David Whyte

The world exists independent of human thought, but it is seen through the lens of the mind. How much stress or unhappiness we undergo can depend on the qualities of perception that we cultivate. The way we treat and are treated by the world is partly determined by the state and depth of our critical and emotional intelligence. In this workshop, we will look closely at the role of the imagination as a faculty of perception that cultivates our ability to turn away from false abstracts, act courageously, and above all, have a life worth living at the center of our endeavors.


Bài hội thảo sẽ trình bày về cấu trúc và ý nghĩa của Kinh Nguyện Thánh Thể, đặc biệt qua đó người tín hữu sẽ hiểu sâu hơn về các mầu nhiệm thần học, tâm linh và phụng vụ mỗi khi tham dự Thánh Lễ.

         Mysterium Fidei : Structure and Meaning of the Eucharistic Prayer 

This workshop will look at the structure and significance of the Eucharistic Prayer, especially how it leads the faithful to the celebration of the mystery: theologically, spiritually and liturgically.

Linh muc Bartôlômêô Phạm Đức Thịnh
Rev. Thinh Duc Pham

Thụ phong linh mục cho Tổng Giáo Phận Los Angeles vào năm 2002, Cha Phạm Đức Thịnh đã phục vụ tại Giáo xứ Thánh Gioan Thiên Chúa ở Norwalk. Sau bốn năm phục vụ tại giáo xứ, cha đã được gửi sang Roma để theo học chuyên ngành phụng vụ tại Giáo Hoàng Học Viện Sant’Anselmo. Cha đã hoàn tất chương trình cao học của Phụng Vụ vào năm 2010 và hiện đang tiếp tục chương trình tiến sĩ chuyên về Giáo Lý Phụng Vụ.


Ordained a priest for the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 2002, Fr. Pham Duc Thinh served at St. John of God Parish in Norwalk, Calif. After four years of service in the parish, he was sent to Rome to study and specialized in Catholic liturgy at the Royal Academy Sant’Anselmo. Fr. Pham has completed the graduate program of the Liturgy in 2010 and is currently continuing doctoral program specializing in the catechism liturgy.


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