2015 RECongress Period 1

Religious Education Congress
Friday, March 13, 2015

10:00 - 11:30 am



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1-01  I Am Over Facebook! Exploring Other Social Media Sites to Help Parish Leaders Remain Relevant

Instead of feeling helpless when it comes to navigating social media, learn to harness new energy and potential to evangelize and communicate with others. Move beyond the standard parish website and Facebook page and familiarize yourself with other social media sites. In this workshop, we’ll look at social media strategies to share our faith beyond the pews. Parish leaders can learn tools and tips that can assist them in communication.

Clarissa Valbuena Aljentera

National speaker, consultant and writer Clarissa Aljentera is Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation and Media Resources for the Office for Catechesis and Youth Ministry in the Chicago Archdiocese. Aljentera has presented at local and national events, and is an Adult Confirmation Catechist for the Chicago Archdiocese. She published “The Parish Guide to Social Media” in 2013. Originally a newspaper reporter from California, she now performs “improv” and writes rap based on Scripture.

1-02  In the Footsteps of Mary

This session will explore the life of this young Jewish girl whose fiat changed salvation history forever. We will reflect on Mary’s life as an unwed mother and wife whose love for her son took her from the cradle to the cross. Mary’s unwavering faith in God challenges us to walk in the footsteps of Mary each and every day.

Mary Amore, DMin

Dr. Mary Amore is an author and monthly columnist for Ministry & Liturgy Magazine. A Cardinal Bernardin Scholar and distinguished member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, she is Executive Director of Mayslake Ministries in Downers Grove, Ill. Dr. Amore serves as a parish mission director, retreat director and presenter at the University of Dallas Ministry Conference. She is creator of the recently released DVD “Eucharist: Journey to Transformation, Healing and Discipleship,” published by Pauline Books and Media.

1-03  Catholicism through a Black Lens: 30th Anniversary Discussion of the Document “What We Have Seen and Heard” 

What does it mean to be black and Catholic? Why is this a distinct group from other Catholics? In this session, we will look at the history and gifts of black Catholicism and how to connect them with the wider church by a reflection on “What We Have Seen and Heard,” the 1984 pastoral letter on evangelization from the black bishops of the United States.

Dr. Ansel Augustine

Dr. Ansel Augustine has worked in ministry for over 15 years around the country as well as in his hometown of New Orleans, La., where he is Director for the Office of Black Catholic Ministries for the New Orleans Archdiocese and serves on the faculty for the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. Dr. Augustine, who also serves on the board for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, has presented at various national conferences, and has written for several publications related to ministry.

1-04  Trading in Old Wineskins: A Missionary Approach to Formation 

Do you ever wonder why so many parishes are reporting declining numbers for Mass attendance, school enrollment and religious education? Is it really a by-product of the culture? Ever since Vatican II, and in every Catholic Church document since, we have been asked to model our formation programs so that we don’t just “study” Jesus and the Church but develop the whole person to look, think, behave and respond like Jesus Christ. To do so requires a shift in both thinking and approach. By examining our primary task in formation we will rediscover possibilities for substantial growth in our ministry efforts for all ages.

Rich Curran

Rich Curran is founder and Executive Director of the Wisconsin-based Parish Success Group. He formerly served as Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Green Bay, Wis. Curran is a regular presenter at the major national Catholic youth conferences and has been keynote at 30 diocesan conferences, and speaks to 50,000 teenagers and adults each year at parish events, missions and school assemblies.

1-05  Working with Parents After an Incident of Bullying: A Key Element of Positive School Climate 

How do we talk with parents after an incident of bullying in ways that promote a positive school climate, communicate our concern, and avoid triggering angry or defensive reactions? How the initial contact is managed can make things worse or make things better. Learn seven specific phrases to avoid using with parents and seven proven techniques to prevent potential parent conflicts, acknowledge and affirm parent concerns, and maintain positive parent relationships.

Frank A. DiLallo

Frank DiLallo is currently Diocesan Case Manager and Prevention/Intervention Schools Consultant for the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, serving 124 parishes and 79 Catholic schools. With over 30 years of experience in education and counseling, he conducts numerous educator trainings and is a frequent local, state and national speaker on the topic of bullying prevention. DiLallo’s published work, “Peace Be With You: Christ Centered Bullying Solution,” is a grassroots effort that is gaining momentum across the country.

1-06  Proud to Be Catholic: An Evangelization Essential

In this session, we will explore the treasures of the Catholic faith that give us reason to be proud and to be eager to share all that we have been given as gift. Answering “What makes me proud to be Catholic?” can be a primary move for the evangelizer.

Carole M. Eipers, DMin

Dr. Carole Eipers is Vice President, Executive Director of Catechetics for William H. Sadlier, Inc. She served in parish ministries for over 20 years as a teacher, director of religious education, youth minister and pastoral associate. Dr. Eipers also served as Director of the Office for Catechesis for the Chicago Archdiocese for nine years and as President of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership. She has made presentations throughout the United States and internationally, and her books include “Catechist 101: Wade Don’t Dive.”

1-07  Are You Living a Spiritual Life?

This presentation will center on recognizing “the Holy” in our daily lives. What does that mean for you? When do you know you are living a spiritual life? Are you aware of how to deepen your spiritual life at this time? These questions and more will be addressed as Fr. Bob Fabing will use material from his recent poetry publication and his new liturgical music collections to enliven and develop this session on the meaning of a spiritual life.

Fr. Robert Fabing, SJ

Fr. Bob Fabing has founded 89 marriage counseling and family therapy centers – The Jesuit Institute for Family Life International Network – with locations on five continents. The Jesuit priest is also founder and Director for over 30 years of the 36-Day program in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, Calif., where he lives. Fr. Fabing is author of five books and a composer of 12 CDs of liturgical music with Oregon Catholic Press.

1-08  A Catholic Imagination: Imagine That! 

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Come to this creative and interactive workshop to discover why a religious imagination is more important than religious knowledge! We’ll be using the arts, especially drama, to explore ways of opening up Scripture and liturgical symbols for children. Your imagination will be set on fire as you explore new ways of “seeing” – and you’ll have fun!

Anne Frawley-Mangan

Anne Frawley-Mangan is an experienced educator, presenter, writer and artist who specializes in using the arts (particularly drama) to enhance religious education and liturgy. She lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and presents workshops and keynotes nationally and internationally. The former elementary school teacher/drama teacher is Creative Director for Litmus Productions in Albany Creek, and lecturer at Holy Spirit Seminary and at Australian Catholic University.

1-09  Power & Authority in a Pilgrim Church 

In our modern world, power and authority often have negative associations. People immediately think about the abuses of power that we have seen in our church and in society. In the minds of many, authority is opposed to human freedom. This workshop will offer an alternative vision of the authentic exercise of power and authority in the church grounded in Christ and put in service of God’s Reign.

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz is the Joseph Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology at Boston College. He was Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Theology in Houston and Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo. Dr. Gaillardetz has authored or edited 10 books and over a hundred pastoral and academic articles. His major books include “Keys to the Council” (co-authored with Catherine Clifford) and “When the Magisterium Intervenes… .”

1-10  “We Want Better Choices:” Family and Faith-based Media in Hollywood Today 

Catholics, especially parents and educators, often say they want better choices of film, television and video for themselves and their families. Hollywood is starting to listen, as shown by some recent films and television programs. In addition, Catholic filmmakers are creating some wonderful but not widely known faith-friendly content. In this multimedia workshop, filmmaker and priest Fr. David Guffey will report on the hopeful but challenging state of family and faith-based media today. He will present concrete ways that people can find media programs and use them to enrich their families, and practical ways for them to encourage the production of quality family films.

Fr. David L. Guffey, CSC

Fr. David Guffey, a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross, serves as National Director of Family Theater Productions in Hollywood. He formerly served as Director of Novices at the congregation’s novitiate in Cascade, Colo. Currently, Fr. Guffey assists at St. Monica Parish in Santa Monica, Calif. He has presented retreats and workshops on spirituality, culture and faith over the past 20 years to parish, religious, school and diocesan groups in East Africa, Bangladesh, France and the United States.

1-11  Permission to Be You – The Freedom to Shine 

There will always be some voice telling me that whoever I am today is not enough. The challenge is accepting that every one of us has the capacity for bounteousness. Yes, we want to love other people without holding back. We want to feel authentic. And yet, we listen to inner voices that keep our life small. We live stuck. But what if we are truly the light of the world – as Jesus said – and we are meant to shine? What if, as children of God, there are resources to draw upon – a reservoir of kindness, compassion, hope and resilience? Can we return to the truth of who we really are – to lovingly accept the humanity entrusted to us? Am I willing to be loved for being this me?

Terry Hershey

Rev. Terry Hershey is an inspirational speaker, humorist, author, dad, Protestant minister and landscape designer on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. He is a nationally and internationally renowned speaker and retreat facilitator. His gardens and books have been featured in magazines and newspapers of the Pacific Northwest, and his work has been featured on CNN, PBS and NPR. Hershey is a regular contributor to The Hallmark Channel’s “New Morning” show, and regularly speaks throughout the United States and Canada.

1-12  Seeing Jesus: The Master Catechist 

There is no better Master Catechist than Jesus himself. In this “conversational style” workshop, we will draw out of the Gospels 12 lessons on being a catechist based on Jesus’ own teaching methods. When we truly see how Jesus lived and worked, there is really a lot we can learn! These are practical lessons that apply to catechists working at every age and stage of faith formation.

Bill Huebsch

Bill Huebsch is Director of PastoralPlanning.com, the online pastoral center at Twenty-third Publications. He worked as a diocesan administrator for many years in Minnesota, principally in the Diocese of New Ulm, where he served with Bishop Ray Lucker. Huebsch has taught at the university, diocesan, conference and parish levels for nearly 40 years and has many published works, including “Praying the Stations with Pope Francis,” and his most recent work, “Jesus: The Master Catechist.”

1-13  The Four Questions

There are four questions that we are each constantly grappling with: Who am I? Why am I here? What matters most? What matters least? The world has a great deal to say about each of these questions, and often drags us further and further away from God’s answers to these questions. The clarity that comes from answering these questions in an authentic way leads to the joy Jesus invites us to through the Gospels, and a life that is devoid of the complexity and contradictions that the world is constantly trying to drag us into. In this presentation, Matthew Kelly will explore how we can seek meaningful answers to these questions and help others to do the same.

Matthew Kelly

Born in Sydney, Australia, Matthew Kelly began speaking and writing in his late teens, while attending business school. Today, he is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and business consultant. His books have been published in more than 25 languages, have sold more than 10 million copies and have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller lists. Kelly is founder and President of The Dynamic Catholic Institute, based in Cincinnati, where he lives.

1-14  What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ’s Sake?

For baptized people, everything we do is done for the sake of Christ. But we are now on mission to a sometimes hostile world, where Christian faith is aggressively resisted. How do we answer our critics? What challenges are they offering us to which we should listen carefully? How do we enable our students and faith communities to hold onto belief in an increasingly unbelieving world?

Rev. Richard Leonard, SJ

Jesuit priest Fr. Richard Leonard is Director of the Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting, based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Visiting Professor at the Gregorian University in Rome and has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles. Fr. Leonard is a popular speaker at the RECongress. He is author of eight books, including “What Are We Doing on Earth for Christ’s Sake?” and “Where the Hell is God?”

1-15  What Every Serious Christian Should Know About Judaism 

Did you know that Judaism is much more than the religion of the Hebrew Bible? Did you know that Jews have sacred literature beyond the Hebrew Bible (that we have our own “New Testament”)? Did you know that Jews mean something completely different than Christians when we speak of the Messiah, sin, redemption, salvation, repentance and forgiveness? Come and question, learn and explore with Rabbi Michael Lotker, author of “A Christian’s Guide to Judaism.”

Rabbi Michael Lotker

Rabbi Michael Lotker spent the bulk of his “first career“ in the alternative energy business, working in wind power, solar and geothermal energy. In 2003, he was ordained a rabbi and is now Community Rabbi for the Jewish Federation of Ventura County, Calif., and was recently invited to be a Guest Chaplain at the U.S. House of Representatives.

1-16  See Your Way Clear 

“See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare: before they spring forth, I tell you of them” (Isaiah 42:9). See! How well do we see – with eyes of hope, the eyes of the Word of the Lord present among us, the eyes of the community, the eyes of the prophets and the holy ones among us? Come, open your eyes and see what God is doing, and what God expects us to do as we turn again and walk with our God and one another to Resurrection.

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna is an international speaker and storyteller, author and theologian. She has spoken at national and international conferences. Author of 50 books, McKenna teaches at a number of universities, colleges and pastoral institutes around the world as well as presenting workshops for dioceses and small communities. She is an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi USA and has won the Isaac Hecker Award for Justice and Peace.

1-17  What’s Right (and Wrong) with Our Church 

This will be a hope-filled presentation on where we are as a Catholic community in the United States. It will give practical advice on what we are called to do to make it better.

Fr. Jonathan Morris

Fr. Jonathan Morris is Program Director for the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM and Communications Advisor to New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan. He also serves as Campus Minister at Columbia University in New York City. Fr. Morris is author of “The Way of Serenity,” “The Promise” and “God Wants You Happy,” and is regularly called upon by the national media to offer ethical and moral commentary on the news.

1-18  The Catechist’s Backpack: Spiritual Necessities for the Catechist’s Journey 

Backpacking is a fun, healthy and physically challenging way to enjoy a journey of discovery. Of course, anyone setting forth on a backpacking journey knows that there are many things to take into consideration and certain necessities that need to be packed. In a similar way, catechists are engaged in a stimulating and challenging faith journey of discovery – a journey that requires certain spiritual resources that enable them to not only endure the journey but to thrive on it. In this workshop, Joe Paprocki will explore six spiritual necessities for catechists. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Joe Paprocki, DMin

Joe Paprocki, National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press in Chicago, has over 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry. He has served as a consultant for catechist formation for the Chicago Archdiocese and as a parish pastoral associate and director of religious education. Paprocki has presented in over 80 dioceses in North America. He is author of numerous books on pastoral ministry and catechesis, and he serves as catechist and blogs about the experience.

1-19  The “REAL” Hunger Games

Based on his popular book, “Epic Food Fight: A Bite-sized History of Salvation,” Fr. Leo Patalinghug will discuss ramifications of desires and appetite as it applies to the decisions that lead to sinfulness and sanctity. This topic touches on ecclesial salvation history, bite-sizing deep moral and sacramental theology, while incarnating a dynamic Catholic orthodoxy in the modern world.

Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Baltimore-based Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a priest member of Voluntas Dei. He is founder, host and Director of the international apostolate Grace Before Meals, and he is working on establishing a non-profit component called “The Table Foundation” with the mission to elevate culture and family life. Fr. Patalinghug is a best-selling author, newspaper and magazine contributor, and host of the EWTN TV show “Savoring our Faith” and co-host of the SiriusXM radio show “Entertaining Truth.”

1-20  Avoiding “Snapchat” Relationships in Ministry: Going Beyond Facebook and Twitter 

Building appropriate relationships with young people in ministry can be challenging. Social media can be a great tool, but it cannot replace personal relationships. This workshop will focus on building solid relationships with young people using Christ’s ministry as the perfect example of relational ministry.

Bob Perron

For over a decade, Bob Perron has been sharing his style of standup and storytelling. He has presented in over 60 dioceses across the United States and Canada and at major national youth ministry conferences. Perron is Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, W.V., and previously served as Executive Director at the St. Thomas More Center in the Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa. He is author of “Lessons Learned From a God-Sized Family, In a Me-Sized World.”

1-21  Old Wine, New Skins: Teaching an Ever Ancient Faith to an Ever New Generation 

The faith we profess is not cool and is not modern. The faith we profess is not outwardly appealing to a generation that communicates through filtered photos, hashtags and seven-second Snapchats. How do we take a faith that is “ever ancient” and show the teens of today that it is also “ever new” and entirely relevant for their daily life? What must we do to explain 2,000-year-old doctrines to a generation that has seen technology change and improve every day of their lives? How do we take old wine and place it into new skins? Join us as we explore new ways to share the beauty of our Church and the depth of our theology with a generation hungry to discover it.

Katie Prejean

Katie Prejean is a youth minister and speaker from Louisiana. She is a teacher at St. Louis Catholic High School and Youth Director at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church, both in Lake Charles, La. She formerly served as Youth Director at St. Patrick Parish in Lake Forest, Ill. Prejean has spoken at various events across the country, ranging from a workshop at the National Catholic Youth Conference to smaller events. She is presently working on her master’s degree in theological studies.

1-22  Seeing What Lies Most Deeply Within Us: Developing Mystical Eyes  Arena

God’s presence inside us and our world is rarely dramatic and overwhelming. Rather, God’s presence is something that lies quiet, seemingly helpless, almost unfelt, largely unnoticed and easily ignored. But it has within it a gentle, unremitting imperative, a compulsion toward something higher that invites us to draw upon it. And, if we do, it gushes into an infinite stream that instructs us, nurtures us and fills us with godly energy. How can we train ourselves to see this presence?

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. He formerly taught at the college level and served as Provincial Superior of his Oblate Province and as General Council for the Oblates in Rome. Fr. Rolheiser is President of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio. His books have been translated into many languages, and his weekly column is carried by more than 80 papers worldwide.

1-23  The Political Bones: A Mexican Reading of Ezekiel 37? 

In honor of my many Mexican and Mexican-American students, I decided to do some reflection on potential Mexican themes of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in relation to Ezekiel’s famous vision of the Valley of Dry Bones in chapter 37. It was a wonderful intellectual journey. The real joy of my reading was “discovering” (for me, anyway!) the early 20th-century Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada. This session is a report of my findings on how Posada’s political art helps us think about Ezekiel’s magnificent vision!

Prof. Daniel Smith-Christopher

Dr. Smith-Christopher is Professor of Old Testament Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he is also Director of Peace Studies, and now serves as Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Theology. He has been honored with numerous awards for research, including a Fulbright and teaching awards. Dr. Christopher has published over 40 scholarly articles and 14 books. He has spoken at the RECongress for the past 17 years, in addition to Catholic conferences in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

1-24  “See, I Am Doing Something New” (Isaiah 43:19): Contemporary Music of Faith for Young Children 

We all know how young children love to sing! It lifts their spirits and the spirits of those who sing with them. But it is also an invaluable asset in the passing on of our faith from older generations to our youngest. Music has the power to teach, to help us grow, to bind hearts together and to lead us closer to God. Come and join WLP artists Jim Wahl and Andrew Chinn as they share songs and strategies that will add joy and meaning to your faith formation setting and school classrooms. This workshop is designed especially for those who teach early childhood and elementary levels, ages 3 to 8 years old.

James Wahl

Composer, musician and presenter James Wahl has been performing children’s music for over 15 years. He has presented at various diocesan youth events for both the dioceses of Phoenix and of Raleigh, N.C., over past 10 years. Wahl has served as music director at parishes in California, North Carolina and Arizona, including Director of Music and Diocesan Choir Director for the Cathedral and Diocese of Phoenix, a position he held for over seven years. Wahl is presently Director of Music at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Raleigh, N.C.

Andrew Chinn

Andrew Chinn worked as a classroom teacher in Catholic elementary schools in Sydney, Australia, for nearly 20 years before moving into full-time music ministry as Director of Butterfly Music. He has visited 970 Catholic elementary schools, performing for children, teachers and catechists in 2,000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Chinn has released nine CDs, five DVDs and five picture books. In 2013 he joined the World Library Publications family that now distributes his music in North America.

1-25  In Their Hands – Current Issues in Online Exploitation and Cyber Crime 

This workshop is geared toward anyone who has worked or currently works with children and teens who use technology. This interactive and dynamic presentation covers a wide variety of timely topics, including social networking sites, new apps, digital reputation, geotagging, malware, sexting, Internet predators, cyber bullying, technology-facilitated crimes against children, and emerging issues of human sex trafficking of minors using digital technology.

Tracy Webb

Tracy Webb is a Managing Attorney in charge of the Cyber Crime and Child Abuse Prosecution Unit of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. She is a career prosecutor mainly with child abuse cases, and is also an active member of the Federal Internet Crimes against Children Task Force and Co-Chair of the L.A. County Cyber Crime Task Force. Webb is a frequent speaker both locally and nationally and is an Emmy-award winning producer of a documentary film on gang violence.

1-26  How to Build a Positive Bridge Between Educators and Parents: Empower Our Student’s Education 

Char Wenc will empower you with the skills and information to create positive relationships between parents and teachers. You and I know schools in which everyone feels and acts as if they are family. That spirit is not an accident, it is a mission to which everyone is committed. Your attitude is your window to the world; therefore, wash your window! Change your attitude and you change your school and classroom. To develop a Christ-like community takes effort.

Char Wenc, MEd

Char Wenc, an internationally known professional speaker, coach and author, is President of Char Wenc Communications, a firm that specializes in building positive, productive relationships at work, school and in families. She is a professor in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies program at Loyola University Chicago, and teaches in the doctrinal programs at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. With 30 years teaching and 20 years public speaking, Wenc is author of “Stop the Door from Slamming: The Power of Respect.”

1-27  Don’t Rob God: How to Increase Giving While Making Disciples

It takes money to do ministry in a parish. Without money we can’t turn on the lights, heat the building or pay staff. Jesus also had a great deal to say about money and how his disciples were to use and view money. We will share the key strategies we have used to more than double giving in our parish and bring people on the discipleship journey.

Fr. Michael White

After being ordained a priest for the Baltimore Archdiocese, Fr. Michael White worked for five years as the personal secretary to (then-Archbishop) Cardinal William Keeler. During that time, he served as director of Pope John Paul II’s papal visit to Baltimore. Fr. White is presently Pastor at the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Md., which has seen the congregation nearly triple in weekend attendance, with a significant increase of giving and service in ministry. He is co-author of “Rebuilt,” which narrates the story of Nativity’s rebirth.

Tom Corcoran

Tom Corcoran has served the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Md., in a variety of roles that give him a unique perspective on parish ministry and leadership. Beginning as a youth minister, he later held positions as coordinator of children’s ministry and director of small groups. Corcoran currently serves as Associate to the Pastor and is responsible for weekend message development, strategic planning and staff development. He is also co-author with Fr. Michael White of the book, “Rebuilt.”

1-28  Freedom, Community, Sobriety: The Gifts of the 12 Steps 

There is much more to not drinking and using than just not drinking and using. In recovery, the isolation, desperation and the heartbreak of alcoholism/addiction is transformed into a spiritual way of living. In Gratitude for Recovery, we form grassroots communities of men and women who share experience, strength and hope. With the footwork of doing the 12 Steps, we make amends for past chaos and selfishness, and open the door to a better way of living for individuals and for families.

Rev. Thomas Weston, SJ

Jesuit priest Fr. Tom Weston has been involved in the world of recovery since 1976, working with alcoholics and addicts. He is presently Superior of the Jesuit Community of Oakland, Calif., where he leads retreats for people in recovery from addiction. Fr. Weston has spoken at conferences for over 30 years. His world travels served him in past rolls as Director of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, his work with Jesuit Retreat and Renewal Ministries, and teaching at Loyola High School in Los Angeles.

1-70  Tân Phúc Âm Hoá Trong Thời Đại Tục Hoá 

“Không ai đổ rượu mới vào bầu da cũ” (Lk 5:37). Các lãnh đạo tôn giáo quan tâm đến văn hoá đức tin đang bị thay thế nhanh chóng bằng chủ nghĩa thế tục hoá. Các đức giáo hoàng Gioan Phaolô II, Bênêdictô XVI và Phanxicô nhắc nhở Giáo hội về tính cấp bách của việc tái khám phá niềm vui và sức mạnh Phúc Âm, và thách đố các Kitô hữu cưu mang sứ mạng Tân Phúc Âm Hoá cách có hiệu quả trong thế giới tục hoá ngày nay.

     New Evangelization in a Secular Age 

“No one puts new wine into old wineskins” (Lk 5:37). Religious leaders are concerned that the culture of faith has rapidly been replaced by the culture of secularism. Our recent popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis remind the Church of the urgency of rediscovering the “Joy of the Gospel” and its power, and challenge Christian believers to carry out the task of a New Evangelization more effectively in our secular world.

Cha Hy K. Nguyên, SS

Cha Nguyễn Khắc Hy thuộc Tu Hội Xuân Bích dạy tại chủng viện và đại học St. Mary ở Baltimore trong 6 năm. Hiện tại Cha là phụ tá Giáo sư thuộc ban Thần Học tại đại chủng viện Assumption và trường Oblate School of Theology ở San Antonio, Texas. Cha Hy đã đi thuyết giảng nhiều nơi trong nước mỹ, và đã viết trên 30 đề mục báo, và điều khiển 30 phút nói chuyện trong chương trình rađiô “Học hỏi về Đức Tin Công Giáo” được phát thanh trên 40 đài ở Mỹ.

Fr. Hy K. Nguyen, SS

Sulpician priest Fr. Hy Nguyen taught at St. Mary Seminary & University in Baltimore for six years. He currently is Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at the Oblate School of Theology and is on the faculty at Assumption Seminary, both in San Antonio. Fr. Nguyen has lectured across the country, has published over 30 articles, and hosts the half-hour live radio program “Learning Our Catholic Faith,” broadcast in 40 U.S. stations.


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