2015 RECongress Period 5

Religious Education Congress
Saturday, March 14, 2015

1:00 - 2:30 pm



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5-01  All Things Catholic: What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Global Church 

Veteran Vatican writer John Allen takes a 360-degree look at the highlights and lowlights of Catholic news in the past 12 months, drawing out a few big-picture conclusions about what it all means, and then outlining some important stories to watch in the year to come. This session is for Catholics who want a keen sense of what’s happening in their Church, not just in the United States, but in Rome and around the world.

John L. Allen, Jr.

John Allen is Associate Editor at The Boston Globe, specialized in coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. He also serves as senior Vatican analyst for CNN, and for 16 years was a correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. Allen is author of nine books and is also a popular speaker on Catholic affairs both in the United States and internationally.

5-02  Connecting Movement to the Word 

This session will be an intermediate/advanced class in the art of dance in liturgy with a focus on choosing choreography that connects to the prayer. Learn how to prepare for and execute dances that tell a story or convey a powerful message – dancing “from the inside – out!” Participants will also have the opportunity to work in small groups to create their own special pieces. Wear clothing that will allow you to move!

Donna Anderle

Donna Anderle, an accomplished dancer, teacher and choreographer, is a nationally known liturgical dancer. She is on the teaching faculty of the Cincinnati Ballet and Ballet Theatre Midwest and is involved in Cincy Dance, an outreach program for Cincinnati inner-city schools. Anderle gives workshops, keynote presentations and dance in concert and has choreographed for major conferences across the country. Her work is compiled in four choreography books and a video with Oregon Catholic Press.

5-03  How Prophets and Mystics “See” 

This session is a basic introduction to the social justice teachings of the Church and a reflection on how to live them in our border/global communities. Prophets and mystics see the fulfillment of hope unfolding in our engagement and solidarity with the poor.

Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas

Missionary and author, Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas is a native of the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, where he serves as Pastor of San Marcos Parish and Administrator of San Juan Bautista Parish. In 1989, he co-founded the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States. Msgr. Bañuelas was also founding Director of the Tepeyac Institute, one of the largest diocesan ministry formation centers in the United States. He serves as a member of various boards and commissions and presents at conferences in dioceses across the country.

5-04  Singing the Song Without the Words: Hope, Humility and Ministry to Folks on the Margins 

This session will look at the power of hope, universal kinship and unconditional love as a means to fight despair and decrease marginalization. Through stories and parables, attendees will be reminded that no life is less valuable than another.

Rev. Greg Boyle, SJ

Fr. Greg Boyle is founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang rehabilitation program in the United States. The native Angeleno was ordained a Jesuit priest in 1984, and was transformed by his work in Bolivia, Mexico and Folsom State Prison in California with those who “live at the margins.” It was the Boyle Heights community of Los Angeles that Fr. Boyle started Homeboy Industries. He is author of the New York Times best-selling book, ”Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.”

5-05  In Sickness and in Health: How the Catholic Church is Confronting HIV and AIDS Around the World 

For more than 70 years, the Catholic community in the United States has sought to live out two primary Gospel imperatives – to comfort the afflicted, and to share the Good News to the ends of the earth. Since the 1980s, the Catholic Church along with others of good will have been at the forefront of the global HIV pandemic. Join Catholic Relief Services’ Michele Broemmelsiek as she recounts the story of how the Catholic community in the United States has remained at the side of those we serve – in times of sickness and in times of health.

Michele F. Broemmelsiek

Based in Baltimore, Michele Broemmelsiek is a seasoned international development specialist with over 19 years of experience managing teams in resource-poor settings. Since 1995, Broemmelsiek has served in various capacities with CRS, including the Global Chief of Party of the AIDS Relief consortium, which provides care and treatment to over 700,000 people living with HIV in 10 countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. She currently serves as Vice President for Overseas Operations supporting the agency’s operations across the globe.

5-06  Yes, Lord, I Believe! Singing Our Faith with Children 

John Burland (bio 2-04)

How can we use music and simple gesture to pass on the riches of our Catholic faith tradition? In this workshop, Australian educator and composer John Burland will model a variety of engaging learning activities that will energize faith formation across a range of cate­chetical themes. Using song as the foundation for these activities, Burland will demonstrate how the use of music can assist in deepening children’s understanding of Scripture, doctrine and sacraments. This workshop will keep you singing and moving as we celebrate our Catholic faith and proudly proclaim – Yes, Lord, I believe!

5-07  The Old Gravel Road: Storytelling and Song from the Heartland Arena

Telling our stories is a healing practice. And when we heal ourselves, we have the potential to restore one another. Jeanne Cotter, known for her vivid musical storytelling, along with her uncle Michael Cotter, a Minnesota farmer and national award-winning storyteller, invite you to experience the value of your own life, through song, musical prayer and the mirror of storytelling. Joined by Liam Lawton, Tony Alonso and Betsey Beckman, this event will leave you transformed, ready to share your own story and be wholly present to another’s. This is where healing begins.

Jeanne Cotter

Jeanne Cotter is a liturgical composer, author, parish mission director and active singer-songwriter. For over a decade she has performed her original piano works and songs throughout the United States and Canada. Jeanne shares her heart­warming and humorous stories of growing up in an Irish Catholic family in southern Minnesota and what she calls “the authority of experience.” Her latest work, “The Old Gravel Road,” is due in 2015.

Michael Cotter

National award-winning storyteller Michael Cotter (and uncle to Jeanne Cotter) has performed throughout the United States, including the Smithsonian Folk Festival, National Storytelling Festival, television and radio broadcasts, schools, retreats, fairs and festivals. Michael starred in a healing stories film used by the Mayo Clinic. At 83, he still spends his days farming outside of Austin, Minn.

Liam Lawton

Liam Lawton is a priest of the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin, Ireland, where he serves as Director of Music. He has recorded 15 collections of music and has written two books; his most recent is “Where God Hides.” Fr. Lawton’s music has been translated into many languages and he has recorded two PBS specials. He has presented at conferences in Europe and across the United States and regularly presents at the L.A. Congress.

Tony Alonso

Tony Alonso’s contemporary liturgical music appears in numerous compilations and hymnals, and he has presented at liturgy, music and theology conferences throughout the world. Alonso is currently a doctoral candidate in the Graduate Division of Religion at Emory University in Atlanta. Formerly, he served as Director of Music for Campus Ministry at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Betsey Beckman

Based in Seattle, Betsey Beckman is a liturgical movement artist, storyteller, spiritual director, author and InterPlay leader. She regularly appears as artist/presenter at national conventions, online retreats and international pilgrimages. Beckman is Director of Movement Ministry at St. Patrick Church in Seattle and Director of The Dancing Word, her company that produces DVDs celebrating women’s arts and spirituality.

5-08  Teaching for Discipleship: The Call, the Challenge, the Difference 

Michael Carotta (bio 2-05)

What is the Church asking us to do regarding faith formation? How is that call different than what we’ve done in the past? What skills are needed? We  will share background, techniques and examples related to Teaching for Discipleship (T4D) with children, youth and/or adults.

5-09  Young Adult Ministry, Step by Step 

Today’s Catholic young adults (20s and 30s, married and single) are not as present or active in our parishes and organizations as previous generations were at their age. Kate DeVries will present a method for changing that. Come to learn practical strategies and suggestions for effective outreach, invitation and programming, with the goal of integrating young adults into greater participation in our parishes and organizations. Whether you are a young adult, minister or someone interested in possibilities, come join us to explore what can be.

Dr. Katherine F. DeVries

Dr. Kate DeVries is Director of Pastoral Ministries for St. Francis Xavier Church in LaGrange, Ill. She formerly co-directed the archdiocesan Young Adult Ministry Office in Chicago, and previously served as a special education teacher for high school and junior high students with severe behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. Dr. DeVries is co-author of “The Basic Guide to Young Adult Ministry,” published by Orbis.

5-10  Bullying Prevention: Catholic is Evidence-based! 

Frank A. DiLallo (bio 1-05)

Bullying is viewed as the abhorrent social norm, and the world seems to be frantically searching for answers to solve this growing epidemic. Why are so many acting as if answers don’t exist? All the answers and evidence in preventing and responding to bullying have been readily available for over 2,000 years. The Gospel is the best bullying prevention manual ever written! Jesus walked this earth to teach us how to love, serve and obey. Keep the faith, the evidence is that Catholic is bullying prevention. This workshop will focus on connecting Scripture and practical youth and parent strategies to create and maintain a Christ-centered Catholic parish community.

5-11  How to Break the Chains of Slavery in the United States 

Theresa L. Flores, LSW, MS (bio 3-08)

We know that slavery still exists, even in the United States. But how do we stop it? Survivor, activist and licensed social worker Theresa Flores will discuss many ways that students, teachers, ministers and parents can combat this growing evil – from simple hands-on activities, prayer and letter writing, to actively participating in being the change.

5-12  New Testament Eucharistic Practice: An Unexplored Resource

Fr. Edward Foley will focus on the Gospel parables as the foundation for contemporary Eucharistic practice. Reflections upon Jesus’ table ministry, multiplication stories and post-resurrectional meals will prepare for a consideration of the Last Supper accounts. The provocative and disruptive nature of Jesus’ table practice will allow a fresh reading of the institution texts, and a richer understanding of what it means when Jesus proclaimed the bread to be his Body and the wine to be his Blood.

Edward Foley, OFM Cap

Fr. Edward Foley is the Duns Scotus Professor of Spirituality, and Professor of Liturgy and Music at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he was founding Director of the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry Program. A member of the Province of St. Joseph of the Capuchin Order, Fr. Foley is an award-winning author with 21 books in print. He is Past-President of the North American Academy of Liturgy and has lectured in over 60 dioceses throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond., India, Europe, Korea, the Philippines and Australia.

5-13  For the Love of the Game: Toward a Theology of Sports 

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz (bio 1-09)

It is easy to criticize the many problematic features of modern athletics: the money, the violence, the glorification of the ego, the unhealthy competition. We should not ignore these difficulties, yet this workshop will explore ways in which Christians can also find a firm theological foundation for understanding sports as a graced feature of the human condition.

5-14  Discipleship and Women 

If men are the “negative stereotypes of discipleship” and women are the positive models, why are women overlooked? Only one woman in the New Testament is explicitly named “disciple.” Even St. Luke does not give women that designation. In this session, we will look at the faithful discipleship of women, and focus on two examples for a deeper examination, not only in order to see women’s testimony, but also as a way more men might discover that there is much to be learned.

Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp

Fr. Anthony Gittins, a religious missionary (a Spiritan, of the Holy Ghost Community) originally from Manchester, England, is Professor Emeritus of Theology and Culture and Bishop Ford Professor Emeritus of Missiology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He spent most of the 1970s in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and since then has taught graduate theology in London and Chicago. Author of nearly a dozen books, Fr. Gittins is also heavily involved in presenting workshops and retreat work.

5-15  Making Disciples … Breaking the Glass Ceiling 

There is a big difference between being a believer and being a disciple. Here in lies the key to the New Evangelization. Is Pope Francis calling us to break through the glass ceiling in the First World? “The Joy of the Gospel” (his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium), will be a foundational document used to explore the cost of discipleship and its implications for all those in ministry.

Rev. John E. Hurley, CSP, DMin

Paulist priest Fr. John Hurley’s evangelization ministry began in Portland as founder of the Paulist Center for Catholic Evangelization in 1979. He later served in roles as Executive Director for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for Evangelization, and for the Baltimore Archdiocese’s Department of Evangelization. Fr. Hurley is currently Consultant for New Evangelization Strategies and is based at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, where he once served as pastor.

5-16  More Mothers, Mystics, Martyrs and Models of Faith 

In their joint session, “Mothers, Mystics, Martyrs and Models of Faith” at RECongress 2013, ValLimar Jansen and Sarah Hart presented some of the mothers, mystics, martyrs and contemporary women throughout our faith history. In this session, they will continue their examination of four different holy women, weaving music and stories of these women to deepen our understanding of how to apply the experiences of their holy lives to our contemporary lives as Roman Catholic women and men. With beautifully designed images, compelling music and engaging prayer, everyone is invited to “come and see!” and join along in laughter, praise and thanksgiving.

ValLimar Jansen

ValLimar Jansen is a composer, singer, storyteller, inspirational speaker and evangelizer. She received critical acclaim for her solo albums “You Gotta Move” and “Anointing,” winning UNITY Awards in 2008 and 2010. Jansen was the MC for the National Catholic Youth Conference in 2011, and performed for over 300,000 people at the Loreto/Angora international papal event in Italy that was broadcast around the globe. Her latest CD is titled “Give God The Glory.”

Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart of Nashville, Tenn., has been a singer, songwriter and keynote speaker for 20 years. Her parish missions and itinerant ministry have taken her all over the United States and abroad. Hart has performed for countless conventions and events, and for Pope Francis in 2013. The Grammy-nominated songwriter’s works can be found in many hymnals and have been recorded by numerous artists. She has written several retreats for parish, women’s and adult catechesis, which she herself presents.

5-17  Selfies and Souls: Nurturing the Domestic Church in the Digital Age 

Lisa M. Hendey (bio 2-11)

An overview of the latest trends and hot-button issues facing today’s parents, teachers, administrators and clergy will provide you with needed tools and tactics to minister to families in the ever-increasing digital climate. Join a discussion on technology that can actually play a fruitful role in the New Evangelization for Catholic families.

5-18  From Here to Pope Francis: A Tool to Help Parishes Become “Completely Mission-Oriented”

Jack J. Jezreel (bio 3-16)

In his 2013 Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), Pope Francis encourages a renewal of the parish so that it is “completely mission-oriented.” This represents an exciting but unfamiliar template for most North American parishes and their leaders. This workshop will introduce a new tool for helping leaders forge a new vision and direction for parish life. Parish staff, clergy, council members and anybody interested in plotting a fresh, innovative direction for parish life are encouraged to attend.

5-19  The Great Work: Recovering a Sacred Earth Community 

Kyle T. Kramer (bio 2-15)

In the face many ecological problems, it is tempting to see human beings as a plague on the planet. The Catholic view is much more optimistic: our deepest fulfillment comes from being healers and stewards of God’s sacred creation. Employing the observations and insights of Catholic teaching and of Passionist priest Fr. Thomas Berry, this workshop examines current ecological and cultural crises then considers the values and vision we need for the healing of our world. The goal is to engage in the Great Work of our time: to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet.

5-20  Catholic Social Thought Post-Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and … 

Fr. Bryan N. Massingale (bio 3-19)

The killing of unarmed young black men has caused a great deal of concern and reflection in our country. This workshop looks at the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Florida, Michael Brown in Missouri, and others as a springboard for examining what we mean by racism today and what are the challenges such killings pose both to Catholic social teaching and for the Catholic faith community.

5-21  Catechetical Leaders – Agents of Formative Parenting 

Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM (bio 3-20)

What are the formation needs of children (kindergarten through grade 8)? How prepared are parents to lead children in the ways of responsibility, self-control and accomplishment? How well does the parish serve as an agent of formative support to parents? Parish cate­chetical leaders are called to be change-agents or support-agents in the families that they serve. Security, autonomy/self-control, initiative/responsibility, industry and genuine affection are foundational to a child’s self-esteem, spirituality and character. This session will offer ready resources to identify practices at home and school that foster such positive “identity.”

5-22  Look Out! Watch Where You’re Going! 

Megan McKenna (bio 1-16)

Jesus said, “I came into this world to divide it, to make the sightless see and the seeing blind” (John 9:39). Stark words – which group do we find ourselves in today? Come, read the signs of the times. Come, see where hope, where joy and freedom are right before our eyes. Come, turn and see the Crucified and Risen One in our midst, beckoning us to walk in the freedom of the friends of God.

5-23  The Blessing of Suffering (and Other Theological Fallacies) 

Fr. Jonathan Morris (bio 1-17)

Does Goes really want me to suffer? The answer is “no … not literally.” In this session, Fr. Jonathan Morris will help lead us to embrace every aspect of our human experience as a path of holiness and happiness.

5-24  Three Lucan Parables of Divine Healing and Mercy 

Sr. Barbara E. Reid, OP, PhD (bio 4-21)

The parables of the woman seeking the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10), the leaven hidden in the dough (Luke 13:20-21), and the widow who seeks justice from a corrupt judge (Luke 18:1-8) reveal God’s extravagant mercy and intent to heal and transform broken relationships, inviting us to do the same.

5-25  Welcoming Children with Autism TO the Church: A Universal Call to – Meaningfully – Include All of God’s Children 

Deacon Lawrence R. Sutton, PhD (bio 3-27)

As a church, we are concerned that all our families – especially those with children with autism and/or developmental disabilities – are welcomed into our faith communities. Deacon Lawrence Sutton will present a program on catechesis for faith formation and sacramental preparation that was created, field tested and produced to prepare children and teens with autism and/or developmental disabilities to enter our church as prepared as they are able, once they are confirmed. This unique program features “Teen Faith Mentors” working with the child and teens with autism and other developmental disabilities and the importance of good (and safe) Catholic role models.

5-26  Get Your Game On! Engaging Young People in Their Own Learning Process 

Michael Theisen (bio 4-25)

When we gather together young people are we just “playing games” and “hoping to survive,” or are we intentionally “forming disciples”? How can we be faithful to our catechetical calling to echo the faith and lead young people down the road of discipleship while making sure that we actively engage their head, hearts and hands in their own learning process? Let’s have some fun as we creatively answer these questions together.

5-27  Islamic and Christian Studies 

This session will not only explore the theological similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, but will also touch upon historical, contemporary interactions – both positive and negative – between Muslim and Christian societies.

Jihad Mohammed Turk

Jihad Turk, a Palestinian-American Muslim, studied Arabic at the Islamic University in Saudi Arabia and Farsi at Qom College at the University of Tehran in Iran. Turk is currently President of Bayan Claremont, an Islamic graduate school at Claremont Lincoln University in Claremont, Calif. Formerly, he served as Imam/Religious Director of the Islamic Center of Southern California in Los Angeles. He has been featured in the Los Angeles Times as well as on the History Channel and CNN.

Rt. Rev. Alexei Smith

In 1987, Fr. Alexei Smith, a Greek Catholic priest and Los Angeles native, was assigned to two Eastern Catholic communities in El Segundo, Calif. – St. Andrew Russian Greek Church and St. Paul Melkite Greek Mission. He has served as the Ecumenical and Interreligious Officer for the Los Angeles Archdiocese since 2000, and as Vice President of the Catholic Association of Dio­cesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers. Fr. Smith is a frequent speaker at the L.A. Congress and at local interfaith venues.

5-70  Thánh nhạc và Thánh lễ: Cộng đoàn, Ca đoàn, và thế hệ trẻ thứ II 

Vai tṛ của Cộng Đoàn, Ca đoàn và các người ca xướng viên (cantor) trong Thánh Lễ là ǵ? Luật Giáo Hội nói ǵ về các đàn sĩ và “ca sĩ”, phục vụ hay là tŕnh diễn? Với thế hệ thứ II, nói rất ít tiếng Việt và muốn tham dự Thánh lễ bằng tiếng Anh, có phương cách nào hay các tài liệu tốt để dùng song ngữ? Buổi hội thảo này sẽ nh́n lại qui tắc của Việt Nam và USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) về Thánh nhạc và những nhạc song ngữ mới nhất. Cho những người muốn hiểu thêm về nhạc và Thánh Lễ, đặc biệt là các Ca trưởng, người ca xướng viên, và các trưởng TNTT.

     Music and the Mass: The Assembly, the Choir and Second-generation Youth

What are the roles of the assembly, the choir and the cantor during Mass? Do Church documents understand musicians as servants or as performers? As the second generation speaks less Vietnamese and wishes to attend American Mass, what resources and models of celebration work best for bilingual worship? This presentation will review guidelines, from Vietnam and from the U.S. bishops, about music ministry and also showcase newly published bilingual music. For those interested in music and the Mass, but especially for choir directors, cantors and leader of TNTT (Thieu Nhi Thanh The, the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society).

Paul Nguyễn

Anh Paul Nguyễn là một nhạc sỹ về phụng vu ̣tại Giáo Phận Orange, Cali. Anh được mời vào Ban Tư Vấn Thánh Nhạc và Ủy Ban Phụng Vụ cho Giáo Phận. Ở giữa thế hệ thứ nhất và thế hệ thứ hai, anh có thể lèo lái dễ dàng giữa văn hóa Mỹ và Việt. Anh luôn tiếp tục t́m cách để nối kết hai văn hóa và hai thế hệ.

Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen is Director of Music Ministry at Corpus Christi Church in the Diocese of Orange, Calif., where he serves on the Music Advisory Board and on the Diocesan Liturgical Commission. Being a 1.5 generation immigrant where he can navigate comfortably between mainstream American and the Vietnamese traditions, he works to bridge the gaps between the two traditions and between generational divides.

Thầy Rufino Zaragoza, OFM

Thầy Rufino Zaragoza ḍng Phanxicô cư ngụ tại Orange County, California và là cố vấn trong môi trường thánh nhạc. Hằng năm Thầy về VN 6 tháng để dạy song ngữ và Thánh lễ bằng tiếng Anh. Thầy cũng là người sáng tác và dịch thuật nhiều nhạc từ tiếng Anh, Mễ và VN và cũng là nguồn cung cấp lấy từ các phong tục của các sắc dân nầy.

Bro. Rufino Zaragoza, OFM

Composer Franciscan Brother Rufino Zaragoza, based in Orange County, Calif., serves as Liturgical Music Consultant in Research and Development for Oregon Catholic Press. His ministry has him outside the United State for over half of the year, developing English worship resources in Southeast Asia. Bro. Zaragoza has pioneered multilingual song collections in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. He has presented workshops at national conferences to diocesan and parish gatherings throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the United States. 



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