2018 RECongress Period 7

Religious Education Congress
Sunday, March 18, 2018

10:00 - 11:30 am



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7-01  Persecution of Christians in the World Today   ARENA

By now, virtually everyone acknowledges that Christians are victims of ISIS genocide in Iraq and Syria. What’s less well known is that the Middle East is hardly the only danger zones for Christians today. From India to North Korea, from Eritrea to Kenya and reaching even into Latin America, Christians today are by far the world’s most persecuted religious minority. John Allen, author of the “Global War on Christians,” will bring the stories of these suffering Christians, describe why it matters and also sketch what average Christians in the United States can do about it.

John Allen Jr.

John Allen Jr. is President and Editor of Crux, an independent Catholic news site in partnership with the Knights of Columbus, and Senior Vatican Analyst for CNN. He previously served as Associate Editor of the Boston Globe and Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. Allen is author of 10 best-selling books and is a popular speaker internationally on Catholicism and the papacy. He divides his time between Rome and his home in Denver.

7-02  Missionary Disciples that Fascinate, Multiply and Accompany  

Pope Francis gives us five clues to better understand how Jesus evangelizes. These five clues are the linchpin for the spirituality and the methodology of the Fifth National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry, a major initiative of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Over the next four years, it promises to generate personal and pastoral conversion for the Church in the United States. Discover the joy of being missionary disciples in your parish, ecclesial movement and Catholic organizations!

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus

Alejandro Aguilera-Titus is Assistant Director of the Secretariat for Cultural Diversity in the Church at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C. He has been a consultant to civic institutions, non-profit organizations and corporations on multicultural issues. Aguilera-Titus has 30 years of experience in ministry with a strong emphasis in pastoral planning, leadership development and formation, catechesis, and ministry with young people. He is also a nationally known speaker and writer.

7-03  Breaking Open Encounter: From the Heart of Pope Francis

Join us for reflection on the background of and inspiration for the Saturday afternoon event, Encounter: From the Heart of Pope Francis. Discover ways to carry the prophetic message of Pope Francis into your parish, school and your daily life through song, story and prayer. (This continues development of Session 5-01.)

Tony Alonso, PhD

Dr. Tony Alonso is a prominent voice in contemporary liturgical music. His music is sung in churches of a variety of Christian denominations throughout the world. A former director of music, Alonso appears at workshops and conferences across North America and Europe and is a frequent and favorite presenter at the Religious Education Congress. He teaches at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, where he also serves as Director of Catholic Studies. His most recent works include “A House of Prayer.”

Jeanne Cotter

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Jeanne Cotter is a liturgical composer, author, parish mission director and national speaker. Owner of Mythic Rain, she has presented parish missions, retreats, concerts and seminars throughout the United States. Cotter is a Master Teacher/Coordinator with the National Association of Pastoral Musicians and a team member for the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Her latest works include “Encounter: From the Heart of Pope Francis” and “Tender Hearted” with GIA Publications.

7-04  Pray Always & in Many Ways in the Parish

How can we open up the many and varied pathways to prayer in the parish? Learn to prepare different types of prayer including celebrations of the Liturgy of the Hours, communal contemplative prayer experiences, and services of prayer for meetings and outreach. Ideas and resources will be provided to enhance daily prayer and the seasons of parish life.

David Anderson

David Anderson serves as Director of Music and organist at Ascension Church in Oak Park, Ill. In addition, he serves as Editor-at-Large for GIA Publications in Chicago. For the past 24 years, he has led and coordinated a monthly service in the spirit of Taizé. Anderson presents at various conferences throughout the year on topics of liturgy and music for the parish and frequently leads services and retreats.

7-05  How the Baptismal Catechumenate Inspires All Catechesis  

The “General Directory for Catechesis” insists that all catechesis in the Church is to be inspired by the baptismal catechumenate (GDC, #59). Many of us scratch our heads and say, “That’s nice, but what does it practically mean for my ministry?” In this session, we will explore what the GDC means when it points us to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). We will consider the many facets of catechesis and formation envisioned by the RCIA and the challenge to more fully incorporate the intention of the Church’s directive in our various ministries. Those involved in ministry can use this as a yardstick to discern how their processes measure up.

Mary Birmingham

Mary Birmingham is Director of Liturgy, Music and Christian Initiation at Ascension Parish in Melbourne, Fla. She has been involved in RCIA ministry on a national level since 1992 and is a former team member with the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Birmingham travels extensively throughout the United States and Canada providing diocesan workshops in the areas of Christian initiation and sacramental and liturgical catechesis.

7-06  Raise Your Voice! Music for Sacraments, Seasons and Celebrations  

The use of song in children’s catechesis is an effective and engaging way to teach and celebrate our faith. Music increases learning and enhances celebration. In this workshop, celebrated composer and educator John Burland will share a variety of music that deepens children’s understanding of sacraments, the liturgical year and major Church feasts/celebrations. These “easy to learn” songs are rich in Church teaching and Scripture. They invite the use of prayerful movement and gesture. You will leave filled with the joy of the Gospel and equipped to creatively share the message of Christ with your children.

John Burland

John Burland has written and recorded over 250 songs and published 14 music collections internationally. He is the Education Officer for Liturgy and Music for the Sydney Catholic Schools in Australia, and National Music Consultant for Bayard, Inc. During his extensive career, Burland has worked in a variety of roles in school and parish communities. He is a regular speaker at conferences and gatherings across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and North America.

7-07  Mission and Witness: Preparing Generation Z Youth for Confirmation  

There’s something special about the generation of youth we work with. They are open to mentors, looking for a place to belong and are willing to share their gifts. They are also in need of the Good News of our Catholic faith as they take their place as missionary disciples. This workshop will explore a model and process for preparing youth for confirmation that engages youth today by involving families and the whole faith community.

Tom East

Based in Gig Harbor, Wash., Tom East is Director of the Center for Ministry Development (CMD). He previously served as Director of Youth Ministry and as Associate Director of Religious Education for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. East is a popular speaker at youth ministry and religious education conferences and has presented at many national conferences including the L.A. Congress, the National Catholic Education Association, the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders and CMD-sponsored conferences.

7-08  Seven Secrets to Reach the Hearts of Children  

Are you ready to transform the way you approach religious education with children? In this workshop, we will look at seven keys that will help you reach beyond just enlivening minds and get into the ministry of touching hearts. If you’ve ever wondered just how to begin to build faith in a meaningful way with children, then this workshop is for you!

Steven Ellair

Steven Ellair is a national speaker with Saint Mary’s Press and currently Managing Editor for Curricula and Content Engagement Specialist. He has been involved in catechetical ministry for 25 years as a parish catechist, youth minister, Catholic schoolteacher and archdiocesan educational consultant. Ellair has been involved in Catholic publishing for over 13 years and continues to write and speak nationally on issues related to catechesis. He has presented at national religious education events for over 20 years.

7-09  Teaching Mercy: Accompanying LGBT Students  

How can Catholic schools fulfill their Catholic mission and foster an environment where all are truly welcome? This workshop will explore the experiences of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) students in public and Catholic high schools in light of Church teachings on homosexuality. We will share concrete tools and consider real scenarios to help educators discern a merciful balance between teaching doctrine and offering pastoral care as they accompany LGBT students through journeys of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Arthur Fitzmaurice, PhD

Freelance speaker and minister Dr. Arthur Fitz­maurice has served a decade in ministry with LGBT Catholics. In addition to professional conferences, his appearances have included many regional and national conferences. Dr. Fitz­maurice also appears on several YouTube episodes produced by the Ignatian News Network. He is recipient of the Los Angeles Archdiocese’s Lumen Christi and the Cardinal’s Young Adult in Ministry awards.

Rev. Chris Ponnet

Los Angeles-native Fr. Chris Ponnet was ordained for the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 1983. Since then, he has served as Director for the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic HIV/AIDS Ministry. He also serves as Pastor at St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care in Los Angeles. Fr. Ponnet has spoken at the L.A. Congress and at the archdiocesan regional congresses for many years. He has made presentations at Pax Christi Peace and Justice conferences and at local congregations and meetings around the county.

7-10  Discerning the Will of God: An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision-making  

Faithful Christians desire to do God’s will in their lives but often do not know how. In our Christian tradition, St. Ignatius of Loyola is the primary exponent of a practical teaching on how to discern God’s will. In this workshop, we will explore that teaching: discerning God’s will in the different kinds of choices we face; the foundation of discernment; the necessary disposition; the spiritual means; and the three modes in which God’s will may be discerning – clarity beyond doubting, an attraction of the heart, and a preponderance of reasons. We will examine all these ways through real-life experiences.

Fr. Timothy M. Gallagher, OMV

Fr. Timothy Gallagher, an Oblate of the Virgin Mary, is a spiritual director and former provincial who currently holds the St. Ignatius Chair for Spiritual Formation at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver. For 35 years he has taught Ignatian spirituality at parishes, seminaries, retreat centers and conference centers both nationally and internationally. Fr. Gallagher is author of digital resources and eight books on Ignatian spirituality. He often appears on the Eternal Word Television Network.

7-11  Faithful Witness: The Church

In a world that continues to show its lack of understanding and commitment to the ways of God, Christians stand in faithful witness to the presence of Christ in its midst. This workshop will address the theology of church: ecclesiology. It will offer insights into the faithful witness of the church, as evidenced by the social teachings. This workshop is recommended for those engaged in the ministries of social justice, faith formation and catechesis.

Dr. Greer G. Gordon

Dr. Greer Gordon is a Roman Catholic theologian and lecturer who served as diocesan director in Boston; Washington, D.C.; Oakland, Calif.; and Baton Rouge, La. She is author of “Symphonies of the Heart” and “Heritage and Vision,” the “Church and Ministry” video program and numerous articles for Give Us This Day. Dr. Gordon was one of eight American women invited by the Vatican to respond to John Paul II’s encyclical on women and the first woman to deliver the Baccalaureate Address at Boston University.

7-12  God Never Tires: Singing the Astonishing and Relentless Grace of Mercy

Singing, praying and celebrating the gift of God’s mercy did not conclude with the end of the Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis. The mercy of God and our ongoing call to take on the way of lavish compassion and forgiveness is ongoing, never ending. Let us come together and with the blessing of song-prayers that touch the heart of the mercy of God, inch closer to infusing our lives and the life of the entire Church in being this witness to the world.

David Haas

David Haas is an international conference speaker, workshop and retreat leader and concert performer. He serves as Director of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry, as well as the Animator for Cretin-Derham Hall Taizé Prayer Community in St. Paul, Minn. He is also founder and Executive Director of “Music and Ministry Alive!” – a formation program for high school and college-age youth. Haas has composed and produced over 50 collections of original liturgical music and authored more than 35 books.

Zachary Stachowski

Zack Stachowski is Music Director at St. Ignatius in Ijamsville, Md. A frequent GIA artist, he has appeared as violinist and vocalist for recordings by David Haas, Lori True and Stephen Petrunak. Stachowski recently released his first collection with David Haas called “God Never Tires.” He co-hosts the Open Your Hymnal podcast and is a chief developer of digital education content for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. He also serves as Music Director for the Mid-Atlantic Congress.

7-13  Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA  

Our spiritual habits affect our physical and emotional health in a variety of ways. In this session, we’ll explore recent findings in neuroscience showing how these practices slow aging in our cells, keep our brains healthy and nimble, reduce stress and bring more health, happiness and compassion into our lives. We can then “rise up” to use all our God-given gifts to serve and enliven our communities, schools and churches.

Anne Kertz Kernion

Anne Kertz Kernion is owner and artist of Cards by Anne, which are sold online and in stores across the United States and abroad. She has taught theology at Carlow University in Pittsburgh for over a decade, and teaches chemistry and religion courses at a local community college. Kertz Kernion is a public speaker, gives retreats and teaches yoga. Her latest book is entitled, “A Year of Spiritual Companionship.”

7-14  I Want to Go to THAT Church: Creating a Parish Where Adults and Young Adults Rise Up!  

Adult formation and evangelization are key to creating communities that attract and engage adults and young adults. How do we – both as parishes and individuals – evangelize adults and young adults, especially those who may not claim affiliation with any religion? How do we nurture and form adults and young adults in a faith that brings them life? We’ll examine current trends in society and in the Church and explore ways to create not just welcoming communities, but truly transformational ones that challenge adults and young adults to rise up!

Douglas Leal

Douglas Leal is Vice President of Mission Integration with Providence St. Joseph Health in Irvine, Calif., and previously led the Division of Adult Faith Formation for the Los Angeles Archdiocese. He has also worked as a management consultant and a professional actor and director. Leal is author of the skill-building book for lectors, “Stop Reading and Start Proclaiming!” and co-author of Liturgy Training Publications’ “Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Proclaimers.”

7-15  A National Perspective on the Catechetical Imagination  

Professional catechetical leaders across the United States have been commissioned to share the faith, yet our catechetical imagination may need to be re-invigorated. Rooted in a long history of creative thinking, the vocation of a catechetical leader is more than numbers, programs and curricula; it involves the Spirit shaking creativity that scared the first Apostles. Are you ready to be shaken up and to imagine the impossible for the sustainability of a relevant catechetical future?

Margaret Matijasevic

Margaret Matijasevic is Executive Director of the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, based in Washington, D.C. She previously worked for 14 years in parish and diocesan roles in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, focusing on leadership through collaboration and the utilization of technology to spread the Gospel. She has presented at local, regional and national gatherings, is published in Cate­chist magazine, writes a column for Catechetical Leader Magazine, and appears in a video series.

7-16  Going, Going, Gone … The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics  

Saint Mary’s Press recently conducted extensive research with young Catholics who have left the Church. This session will identify the underlying dynamics that lead to disaffiliation, describe the factors that reinforce those dynamics, and examine the implications for parish life, liturgy and pastoral ministry. We will hear about these issues from young adults in their own words and voices. And we will also propose pastoral strategies that enhance affiliation and engagement with the faith community.

Robert J. McCarty, DMin

Bob McCarty is a pastoral ministry consultant and trainer who has been in professional ministry since 1973, serving in parish, school, diocesan and national settings. He presently serves as Chair of the Board at Saint Mary’s Press and is Project Coordinator for their research on disaffiliated young Catholics. McCarty serves as a volunteer in youth ministry and faith formation at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Fulton, Md., and his hobbies include cycling, rock climbing and grandparenting!

7-17  Mysteries of the Rosary  

There is more to the rosary than the beads! This session is perfect for those who are searching for new ways to say old prayers or feel that praying the rosary is too monotonous. Using his own art and stories, Bro. Mickey McGrath will shed new and contemporary light on the themes highlighted in the traditional mysteries of the rosary. We will focus on all four sets of mysteries – joyful, sorrowful, luminous and glorious – but as seen through the lens of cultural diversity, social justice, and care for creation and the environment.

Bro. Mickey O’Neill McGrath, OSFS  

Bro. Mickey McGrath is an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales currently living and working in Camden, N.J. He is illustrator and author of 18 award-winning books, all centered on the connections between art and faith. In addition, Bro. McGrath paints commissions for churches and schools throughout the United States. He is also a popular retreat leader and presenter in a variety of venues on the national Catholic circuit.

7-18  “And When I Am lifted Up, I Will Draw Every­one to Myself!”  

When I am lifted up, rise up! Falling into the ground and dying to rise. Bending to serve and rising to lift others up. Being deeply troubled and just as deeply sure of God as Father who will honor him. Suffering and glory – all paradoxes to describe Jesus’ life as Son of Man and Risen Lord. And we, as his beloved followers and friends living those paradoxes now in our lives, we are Jesus’ servants. He is our Lord and we are with him. Amazingly we are encouraged: The Father will honor whomever serves me! We are lifted up together! Rise up!

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna, a native of New York City who now lives in Albuquerque, N.M., is an international speaker, storyteller and theologian. She is author of 49 books, including “This Will be Remembered of Her” (which won an award in Spirituality from the Catholic Press Association) and “Like a Hammer Shattering Rock.” McKenna teachers at several universities, colleges and pastoral institutes around the world. She is an Ambassador of Peace for Pax Christi USA and won the Isaac Hecker Award for Justice and Peace.

7-19  Encounter Your Way Toward Good Church  

Pope Francis encourages, cajoles and challenges us to encounter! Encounters are not nice, tidy, seemly, proper or polite. Encounters are real, raw, intimate, vulnerable, mysterious and ... holy. Encounters awaken, provoke, stretch and ... heal. Encounters inform and infuse and mediate good church. Good church emerges organically and gracefully out of encounter. So, let’s risk encounter (and encounter always involves risk). Beginning with Jesus, the Spirit, the communion of saints, each other, the earth ... let’s emerge from all these encounters prepared and passionate to do some really good church together!

Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson

A self-described street theologian, Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson is Resident Theologian and Animator of Faith at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago and founder and Animating and Creative Partner of Soul Play, based in Evanston, Ill. Author and leader of the Beloved Retreat, Dr. Nelson-Johnson travels across the country and to Europe presenting at diocesan events and conferences, including Notre Dame University’s Vision program and the Chicago Archdiocese’s Festival of Faith and their Theology on Tap program.

7-20  How Big Is Your But? (Excuse Me, Lord!)  

Over the years, we have all discovered ways to make excuses for why we do or why we don’t do the things that we know we ought to do. How often do we delay in answering God’s call because his call may cause us discomfort or call us outside of our comfort zones? Although we have all said “yes” to God, many of us say. “Yes, Lord, but…” This interactive workshop will help examine our excuses for delaying. It will help us finally reflect on the question: How big is your “but...”?

Rev. R. Tony Ricard, MTh, MDiv

Fr. Tony Ricard, a priest of the New Orleans Arch­diocese, serves as Pastor of St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish and as Campus Minister and Chair of Theology for St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. He is also an instructor at the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University and Director of KnightTime Ministries. Fr. Ricard has authored several books and has presented keynote addresses, retreats, revivals and youth talks across the nation and in 22 countries.

7-21  Re-imagining Parish Life in the Light of Evangelization

Can we just be honest for a second? Catholic ministry is not forming intentional disciples in the way we hoped it would. More than a decade of research bares this truth out. Evangelization calls us to reach out to the unchurched and engage them in the life of Christ. Small tweaks and changes are not enough to have the impact that we are hoping for. We must reimagine and restructure our model of ministry. If you’re ready to change the way you do ministry, then this session is for you.

John M. Rinaldo, DMin

As Business Manager at St. Catherine Church in Morgan Hill, Calif., Dr. John Rinaldo serves as administrator over operations and finances for the parish in support of all parish ministries. Previously, he served as Director of Parish Partnerships for Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County and as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of San Jose, Calif. Dr. Rinaldo is also an Adjunct Professor at Santa Clara University, teaching pastoral ministry courses to graduate students.

7-22  The Vocation of Administrative Service: Biblical Foundations  

Some view the institutional dimensions of the Church as a deviation from the spiritual ideal intended by Christ in founding his community, and therefore, various forms of administrative service are viewed as something of a “necessary evil” rather than Christian discipleship. This workshop will make the case that the various tasks of administrative service are, in fact, an authentic and essential form of Christian ministry in order for the Church to thrive and carry out its mission to the world.

Fr. Donald Senior, CP

Fr. Donald Senior is President Emeritus of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he is Professor of New Testament. Born in Philadelphia, he is a member of the Passionist Congregation and was ordained a priest in 1967. Fr. Senior has published both scholarly and popular works on Scripture, is a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout the United States and abroad, and serves on numerous boards and commissions. He has served the last three Popes as a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

7-23  Why Would an All-loving God Allow Suffering? How to Suffer Well Through Christian Faith  

The problem of suffering presents a significant obstacle to faith among many young people, because they do not understand why a loving God would allow it – and they do not know how to suffer well. In this session, Fr. Robert Spitzer will explain the five steps of how to transform suffering into faith: the Resurrection perspective; spontaneous prayers; managing anxiety; optimizing the opportunities in suffering; and following the Holy Spirit. He will then address how to help young people understand why God would allow suffering – the conditions of human freedom as well as the need for challenge, vulnerability, courage and self-sacrifice in human self-actualization.

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, PhD

Jesuit priest Fr. Robert Spitzer is President of the Magis Center at Christ Cathedral in Orange County, Calif., and President of the Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership, based in Michigan. He served as President of Gonzaga University in Washington from 1998 to 2009, and has published eight books and many scholarly articles for which he has won awards. Fr. Spitzer appears on radio and television, including “Larry King Live” (debating Stephen Hawking), the “Today Show,” the History Channel and PBS, among others.

7-24  “Go to My Disciples ... and Tell Them”!  

These are the words the Risen Christ spoke to Mary Magdalene, and also to two disciples on the road to Emmaus. The Gospels relate that the initial sadness of these three disciples was turned into utter joy upon recognizing the Christ ... and their first act was to go and tell others. What was that fraction of a moment like when they witnessed the unimaginable? Have we experienced a similar unveiling of the sacred in our own lives? This presentation will explore this “unimaginable” experience – when hope is reborn, when lives are changed forever. Like Mary Magdalene and the disciples on the road that first Easter, we too are called to go and tell this great news to others, to be missionary disciples of the Gospel.

Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP, PhD

Since 1989 Sr. Maureen Sullivan, a Dominican Sister of Hope from New York, has taught theology and now serves as Professor Emerita at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire. She is also a religion consultant for the William H. Sadlier Publishing Company. Sr. Sullivan has written two books on Vatican II: “101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II” and “The Road to Vatican II: Key Changes in Theology.” She remains a popular speaker at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

7-25  No More Volunteers: Getting Parishion­ers to See Themselves as Missionary Disciples  

This workshop counters the idea of recruiting volunteers for parish ministries with the concept of parishioners living out their call to be, in Pope Francis’ words, “missionary disciples.” We will look at strategies for challenging all parishioners to get involved in at least one ministry through the lens of stewardship. The faith community really does have all the gifts needed to offer all the services required – from youth ministry to grief support, from hospitality to evangelization. We just need to invite, affirm and challenge our people.

Joan C. Weber

Based in Omaha, Neb., Joan Weber is Project Coordinator for Youth and Family Ministry Services at the Center for Ministry Development (CMD). She is Coordinator for Young Neighbors in Action, editor of Fashioning Faith (CMD’s subscription website for lifelong faith formation), and teaches the Justice and Service Course in CMD’s Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies. She is a contributing author to several publications and trains parish leaders in lifelong faith formation and young adult ministry.

7-26  Called, Gifted and Fruitful: The Transforming Power of Living the Mission of Jesus  

As St. Pope John Paul II understood: “God with his call reaches the heart of each individual, and the Spirit, who abides deep within each disciple, gives himself to each Christian with different charisms and special signs.” This session is an introduction to helping each disciple embrace the charisms entrusted to him or her and the call of God that comes with the gift.

Sherry A. Weddell

Based in Colorado, Sherry Weddell is co-founder and Executive Director of the Catherine of Siena Institute, which helps develop parish-centered evangelization. She and her team have worked directly with over 500 parishes and 175 dioceses presenting at diocesan, regional and national conferences across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Weddell is also author of “Forming Intentional Disciples” and “Fruitful Discipleship: Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World.”

7-70  Mẹ Maria trong đời sống phụng vụ và Sùng kính của Giáo Hội  

Vì Mẹ là Mẹ Thiên Chúa, Đức Trinh Nữ Maria có một vị trí đặc biệt giữa các vị thánh, và thực sự, giữa tất cả các sinh vật. Buổi hội thảo sẽ tìm hiểu và phân tích các kinh nguyện phụng vụ và nghi thức sung kính mà Giáo Hội đã tôn kính Đức Trinh Nữ Maria trong suốt hai ngàn năm qua; và đặc biệt làm thế nào các nghi thức đạo đức đối với Đức Mẹ luôn giúp đưa chu1nbg ta đến gần với Tình Yêu Cứu Chuộc hơn.

     Mary in the Liturgical and Devotional Life of the Church  

As the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary has a unique position among the saints, indeed, among all creatures. We will examine and analyze how throughout the centuries the Church has exalted her in liturgical and devotional practices, and how these forms of piety toward Mary help bring us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.

Linh Mục Phạm Đức Thịnh

Thụ phong linh mục cho Tổng Giáo Phận Los Angeles năm 2002, Cha Phạm Đức Thịnh đã phục vụ tại Giáo xứ Thánh Gioan Thiên Chúa ở Norwalk. Sau bốn năm phục vụ tại Giáo xứ, cha được gởi sang Roma để theo học chuyên nghành phụng vụ tại Giáo Hoàng Học Viện Sant’Anselmo. Cha đã hoàn tất chương trình Cao học của Phụng vụ năm 2010 và cha đang làmGiáo sư về Phụng vụ tại Đại chủng viện Thánh Gioan, Camarillo, Calif.

Rev. Thinh Duc Pham

Ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 2002, Fr. Thinh Pham served for four years as an Associate Pastor at St. John of God Church in Norwalk, Calif. Upon completing his first assignment, he was sent to pursue graduate studies at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy in Rome. He has returned and is currently teaching Liturgy at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, Calif., where he is Assistant Professor of Liturgy.