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The following is the RECongress Mail List Message sent Sept 2003 ---

Congress E-mail List
2003 theme; hotel updates

Here is news on the Los Angeles Religious Education
Congress. This year's theme, "Bearer of Hope,
Restoring Spirit," is timely in a year when we have
felt weakness and pain. Out of this darkness we are
called to be "hope," knowing that our presence and
compassion will help restore the human spirit.

We hope that you will consider attending our
Congress 2003 event. We offer this occasional
emailing as a way to send updates about the
RECongress. Pass along this emailing -- or our
link, -- to share with friends
and encourage them to sign up for this Congress
Emailing for updates.
Religious Education Congress
Office of Religious Education
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Information on:
1. RECongress 2003 dates
2. 2003 Congress theme
3. Hotel updates
4. Youth Day Emcees & Musicians wanted
5. RECongress Speaker listing
6. Registration Guidebook mailing
7. Subscribe/Unsubscribe information

1. RECongress 2003 dates

Dates for 2003 Religious Education Congress:
Youth Day: February 27, 2003
Congress: February 28 - March 2, 2003

Place: Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Center
Cost: $50.00 (early bird rate)
Cost: $60.00 (late fee after January 6, 2003)

Web information:
E-mail information:

2. 2003 Congress theme

Our 2003 Congress theme is "Bearer of Hope,
Restoring Spirit" ("Portador de Esperanza,
Restaurando el Espνritu"). Sr. Edith Prendergast,
Director of Religious Education, shares her
thoughts on this theme:

"Living in a time of uncertainty, distrust,
darkness, we stand firm, confident of God's
brightness in the midst of the pain. Our hope is
centered on trust in an all-embracing God dwelling
in the darkness as much as in the light.
Strengthened by God's constant coming, God's desire
to restore and renew, God's assurance that 'all
will be well,' we step out to be 'Bearer of Hope,
Restoring Spirit.' "

You can find past themes online at


3. Hotel updates

The RECongress office has contracted with 29 hotels
- including four new hotels - this year to offer
special room rates. Make your reservations directly
with the hotels. To get quoted rates, be sure to
inform the hotel that you are attending the
Religious Education Congress.

Hotel rates and updates can be found online at

4. Youth Day Emcees & Musicians wanted

Do you know a talented high school student who
might like to be an Emcee or perform as a musician
at Youth Day? We are looking for high school
students as Youth Day Emcees and musicians. Emcees
are students who enjoy speaking before large
crowds, and can attend all the REQUIRED rehearsals.
Music ministers must be of high school age with
experience singing or playing at a parish or
school, and be willing to make all required

For additional information or to sign up, click the
Emcee or Musician link off of

5. RECongress Speaker listing

We are now compiling all the speaker and workshop
information for Congress 2003, and have updated our
speaker listing on the web.

Noting a few new-comers: John Allen Jr., NCR Rome
Correspondent; Delle Chatman from Chicago; Colleen
Griffith from Boston College; Jeannie Heaney-Hunter
from Mineola, N.Y.; Austin Ruse from New York City.
And some of the returning favorites: Rev. Richard
Fragomeni; Greer Gordon; Thomas Groome; Terry
Hershey; John Shea; and Bishop Luis Tagle. And
Spanish speakers: Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez;
Rev. Jose M. Corral from Redwood City, Calif.; Jose
M. Maideu from Sabadell, Spain; Rev. Msgr. Cristian
Precht from Santiago, Chile; and Rev. Virgilio Elizondo.

You can find the complete speaker list at:

6. Registration Guidebook mailing

Registration Guidebooks for the 2003 Religious
Education Congress are scheduled to be mailed out
October. If you attended Congress 2002 you will
automatically receive a Registration Guidebook.

You can order a book online at:

7. Subscribe/Unsubscribe information

To help get information out about Congress 2003,
we have created this opt-out mailing list to
periodically announce the new additions and

To subscribe to this Congress Email List, simply
go to

To be removed from this Congress E-mailing, go to

Thank you for your interest in the Religious
Education Congress!

You can also go directly to these online pages:
Panoramas of Congress 2002
Congress 2002 Mini Slide Show
 Congress 2002 puzzle
Congress 2002 statistics


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