Religious Education Congress
March 23-25, 2012 (Congress days)


RECongress Registration is a two-part process:
1) Submit the Credit Card information (secure transaction).
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Do you have your workshops selected?

Please have your Congress workshop choices ready before you begin your online registration process. You can find online session descriptions here. We recommend that you select a first and a second choice of workshop for each period you plan to attend. At this point the third choice is optional.

Do you have your credit card ready?

The registration fee for the Religious Education Congress covers admission to all workshops (tickets required), exhibits, concerts and liturgies throughout the three days of Congress. (Find Youth Day registration and information here.)
Congress registration is $70 per person ($60 by February 4, 2012).

Registration trouble?

Contact the Los Angeles Office of Religious Education by email at RECongress@aol.com (Be sure to include your full name and your credit card confirmation number – your "V number" – if you have it.) You can find other online registration information at our Online Registration Help page.

Is this secure?

Yes, we use VeriSign (now PayPal) to process credit card information. The credit card processing pages are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We never even see your credit card number. The assigned "V number" is our proof of payment.

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Endowment Fund
The Office of Religious Education has established an Endowment Fund to support the on-going training and formation of religious education leaders by making scholarships available to them to pursue graduate studies. It is our hope that every Director of Religious Education will be given the opportunity receive a master's degree in Religious Education/Religious Studies. The fund is currently supporting 18 students pursue a master’s degree in religious education. Consider if each contributed $5.00 that – and with our collections at the Saturday Congress Masses – we would be able to support over 30 lay ministers annually.  If you would like to contribute to this fund and be listed in the Congress program book as a Benefactor, Donor, Sponsor, or Friend, please mark the contribution of your choice. In addition, the portion contributed to the fund is tax deductible.

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