YOUTH DAY 2015 at the
Religious Education Congress

March 12, 2015

Held at the Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Ave., Anaheim, Calif. (just across from Disneyland).

See the Youth Day 2014 Video

Watch the Youth Day 2014 video by Alanzo Moreno from The Making -

What is Youth Day?

Youth Day is held annually on the Thursday of the Religious Education Congress weekend. It is a day just for youth from many different backgrounds from throughout the Archdiocese – and beyond – to participate in a Rally, Liturgy and Workshops focused just for them.

Who May Attend?

Youth Day is designed for all students from public and Catholic schools, grades 9 through 12. NOTE: Students below the 9th grade are not allowed to participate in this event and will be refused admission. One Adult Chaperone is required for each group of 10 students (maximum), all attending the same workshop. We recommend that you add one extra Chaperone name to your first registration.

What Does Youth Day Cost?

Youth Day is separate registration and fee from the adult Congress days. The registration fee for Youth Day 2014 was $30 ($35 after the January 22, 2014 deadline).

About Youth Day – from Grapevine/E-VINE

The Office of Religious Education distributes a Youth Ministry Grapevine (PDF newsletter) and E-VINE (emailing) of important information in the field of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Excerpts relating to Youth Day appear here. Add/ remove information for the Youth Ministry E-VINE can be found at the end of the messages.

Youth Day 2014 Theme Song

Get a FREE download of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2014 Youth Day Theme Song, written by Noelle Garcia.

The 2014 Youth Day Theme Song is FREE for a limited time — only through Tuesday, March 11!
Simply right-click on the DOWNLOAD button below and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to add the mp3 to your iTunes library, your computer, your phone, or your listening device.


This new song has been commissioned as the theme song for the 2014 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress Youth Day event. After March 11 this song will be available to download on iTunes for a small fee.

The Youth Day App!

Our Youth Day 2014 edition is up and available at! Download the Youth Day app for iPhone and iPod Touch now, and it will automatically update itself every year when new versions are released. With this app you can stay up-to-date with all Youth Day speakers, musicians and performers by following them on Twitter, viewing their websites and even finding them on Facebook.

Youth Day is much more than just a one-day experience and this app will allow you to keep with you what each speaker and musician says long after the day is over, and check out their websites and find out how to put everything they said into action.

If you are having any technical problems with the app and would like to report a bug or have more questions about the app, contact the developer at

Youth Day & Social Media!

Connect with us on Social Media! You can post, tweet, share, like and/or create videos. We look forward to connecting with you online! Click here to find out how.
Facebook: LAYouthDay
Twitter: @LAYouth Day
Vine: #YouthDay2014
Instagram: #YouthDay2014

Youth Day T-Shirts

Official Youth Day T-shirts will be available at the Seraph7 booth in the main lobby of the Convention Center Arena. On site pricing will be
     T-shirts: $15
     Sweatshirts: $30 (in limited quantities)
     Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
You can also find information online at  or by email at

Youth Day 2015 Schedule

Youth Day 2015 continues its schedule of two tracks, with everyone choosing either morning Arena events (Track 1) or afternoon Arena events (Track 2). And everyone gets to see the Arena speaker, so you only need to select a speaker workshop first and second choice.

T R A C K   1

T R A C K   2





8:00 am

Arena Rally (AM)

8:00 am

Opening Sessions


Arena Workshop (AM)

9:30 am

Convention Center Workshops


Arena Liturgy (AM)

11:00 am


11:45 am


12:15 pm

Arena Rally (PM)

1:00 pm

Convention Workshops


Arena Workshop (PM)

2:30 pm

Closing Sessions


Arena Liturgy (PM)

3:45 pm


3:45 pm


  •  Everyone gets to experience the Arena Rally, the Arena workshop and the Arena Liturgy.
  •  Workshop times are longer.
  •  Because of the staggered lunchtimes, the longer lunch periods allow for shorter food lines.
  •  Your Name Tag is your workshop admission – no tickets required.

Youth Day 2014 Information

See the Youth Day 2014 Schedule
See the Youth Day Workshops
See the Youth Day Rules
Download the Youth Day parish/school permission card – Retreat Registration Card (PDF: 2 pgs, 1.3 MB)

 • Download the Youth Day Section from the Registration Guidebook  coming

 • Download the Youth Day Registration Form Day Registration Form  coming

 • Download the 2014 Youth Day Map --  Track 1  • Track 2  coming

Volunteering at Youth Day

Youth Volunteers: MCs   (Deadline was Friday, January 3, 2014)
Youth Day invites young people to be MCs for the day. MCs are the people that introduce the speakers, lead us in prayer, and lead other parts of this exciting event. This year's MC training day will be on Saturday, January 11, at Holy Family Parish in South Pasadena. We would like to extend the invitation to any young person that is coming to Youth Day (they must be registered to be an MC) to be part of this team.

Youth Volunteers: Choir/Instrumentalists   (Deadline was Wednesday, January 8, 2014)
We are looking for young people to be part of the Youth Day choir or an instrumentalist for the liturgy at Youth Day. Ed Archer, from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Santa Clarita, will be our music director for this Archdiocesan choir! It’s a great opportunity for young people to share their musical gifts at Youth Day! You can find the flyer for registering to be part of this team on our website at or by contacting Katie Zeigler at Please share this information with your young people and help us invite them to share their gifts at Youth Day.  

Adult Volunteers  (Deadline was Friday, February 14, 2014)
Any adults who are interested in being volunteers for Youth Day, AND ARE NOT chaperoning a group, can do so by filling out the volunteer form. We can definitely use youth-friendly adults who want to help our day run smoothly. Please pass on this information to adults in your parish that might want to be part of an exciting day for over 15,000 high school students!

Group Volunteers
Is your parish or school ministry group interested in leading some interactive activities/entertainment at Youth Day? We are looking for people to entertain those waiting in line for the Arena, before the morning and afternoon sessions. It would be beneficial if the young people in the group have attended our diocesan leadership programs (Christian Leadership Institute or Signed, Anointed to Witness), but is not a requirement. Also, please note that volunteering for this role would mean missing parts of Youth Day. If you would like to learn more details about this opportunity, please contact Christina Lamas at There are some meetings required for the coordinator prior to Youth Day.

Parish/School Videos   (Deadline was Sunday, December 15, 2013)
Make a video that could be used at our Youth Day 2014 Rally event! Any Youth Ministry, Confirmation Program, or Campus Ministry team can submit a 7-10 second video that demonstrates the Youth Day theme, “Never Alone – Forever Accepted.” All entries will be considered and possibly used for the Rally at Youth Day. We would love to have a wide variety of parishes and schools represented by these videos. Share your creativity and help your group be part of our great day!

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